Ignite Post-Exam Enthusiasm with These 5 Outstanding Ideas

Ever noticed how post-exam lethargy can grip students?  We’ve been there too. It’s a common challenge we all face: keeping students engaged and motivated after exams. If you’ve been in the teaching field, you’ve probably witnessed this phenomenon. We’re here to share five fantastic ideas that will not only rekindle the enthusiasm in your students but also equip them with valuable skills.

Before we dive into these activities, let’s acknowledge that some of them are better suited for upper primary and secondary students. However, if you would like to try these activities with your lower primary students, feel free to do so but do provide more scaffolding and guidance where you can.

 Exploring the Five Activities

  1. Ted Talk Kids: Where Young Minds Shine

If you’ve ever been inspired by a TedTalk, you’ll love the idea of giving your students the chance to shine like speakers on that prestigious stage. Think about it – students creating and delivering their presentations in true TedTalk style. It’s more than just a lesson; it’s an opportunity for students to unleash their creativity and confidence.

Getting started:

  • Begin by showing them some awe-inspiring TedTalks to set the stage.
  • Teach them the art of structuring a presentation, which might vary depending on the topic.
  • Assign topics or let them choose and watch their confidence soar as they create their very own TedTalk-style presentation.


  1. EduTok: Unleash Creativity Through Video

Who knew TikTok could be a powerful educational tool?

EduTok is all about students crafting short, snappy videos on topics like grammar, vocabulary, and even study tips. It’s a chance for them to shine as content creators, sharing their knowledge in a medium they’re already passionate about.

Getting started:

  • Share EduTok samples to ignite their creativity.
  • Assign topics that align with your curriculum.
  • Witness your students’ comprehension and teaching skills flourish in short, engaging videos.


  1. Turn the tables: Empower Young Educators

Imagine the excitement on your students’ faces when they get to be the teacher for a day.  This activity is all about letting them design their own worksheets, stepping into your shoes for a lesson.

It’s a two-lesson adventure, with students preparing their teaching materials and then leading discussions based on their creations.

The benefits? Deeper understanding, improved writing skills, and a newfound appreciation for teaching.

Getting started:

  • In Lesson 1, guide them through text analysis and various question types.
  • In Lesson 2, watch as they teach their peers, facilitate discussions, and maybe even earn
    rewards for creativity.
  1. Lights, camera, action: Dive into Drama

Movies and drama aren’t just for entertainment; they can be potent teaching tools too. Scene Inference encourages students to explore dialogue by filling in missing lines from muted video clips. This activity not only hones their inferential skills but also lets them step into the characters’ shoes, offering a unique way to connect with the material.

Getting started:

  • Provide a script with missing lines.
  • Play a muted video while students use context clues to infer dialogue.
  • Encourage acting and discussion, bringing the text to life.


Play this video without sound and provide students with the following script to try –

  1. Shakespeare 101: Blackout Poetry

Poetry meets creativity with Blackout Poetry. This intriguing activity involves selecting words from existing texts and ‘blacking out’ the rest. The result? A visually striking poem that’s not just about words, but about artistic expression and interpretation. It’s an opportunity for students to look at texts from a different angle and showcase their creativity.

Getting started:

  • Start with a piece of text; it could be a news article or a page from a book.
  • Select words that resonate and create a poem by blacking out the rest.
  • Take it up a notch by adding drawings or images that align with the poem’s theme.


So, there you have it – five incredible ways to shake up your teaching routine. Whether it’s the allure of Ted Talks, the TikTok twist, the thrill of becoming teachers, the drama of scene inference, or the artistry of blackout poetry, these activities offer a fresh take on learning.

Feel free to mix and match, adapt and innovate. The key is to infuse your classroom with passion and excitement, turning each lesson into an unforgettable adventure. We hope you’re as excited about trying these activities as we are about sharing them.

Happy teaching!