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The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) needs to raise over $2.9 million a year to provide crucial support for students with learning differences from low-income families.

With over 50% of the DAS student population in need of financial assistance, your contribution becomes instrumental in ensuring access to the specialised intervention they need and deserve.

DONATE today to enable more learners to conquer their learning obstacles and unlock their full potential!

Your donation qualifies for 40% matching from Tote Board. If you would like a tax deduction (for donations $50 and above only), please donate via Deeda.

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Kindly note that donations of $50 and above are eligible for a 2.5 times tax deduction. Please indicate your NRIC/FIN/ UEN number so that your donation will be automatically included in your tax assessment by IRAS. For existing donors who are contributing on a monthly basis, this application will be treated as additional contributions.
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3/This authorisation will remain in force until terminated by your written notice sent to my/our address last known to you or upon receipt of my/our written revocation through the Billing Organisation
(Note: For an account operated via thumbprint, please go to the bank with your identification.)
If you wish to terminate or make any changes to your donation, please send an email to [email protected] DAS will require at least 30 days' notice to amend your deduction

Application form for Donation

To help you better understand how to donate to DAS here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Complete this application form, with your customer/account number and send the form with your signature duly signed to us at:
Dyslexia Association of Singapore 1Jurong West Central 2, #05-01
Jurong Point Singapore 648886
Attention: Fundraising Department

Note: For account operated via thumbprint, please bring your NRIC / passport to your bank for the print to be taken and witnessed.

DAS will inform you when the GIRO is approved and the effective date.

The GIRO processing time will take about 4-6 weeks to be effected.

Kindly note that donations of $50 and above are eligible for tax deduction. The deduction will be
automatically included in your tax assessment as you have provided your Tax Reference number
(e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN). You do not need to claim the deduction in your tax form.

Monthly Donation:
A deduction will only be made from your bank account on the 5th of each month upon approval
from the bank. The amount deducted will be reflected in your bank statement.
Yearly Donation:
A deduction will only be made from your bank account on the 5th of the month upon approval from
the bank. Subsequently, the yearly deduction will be on the month based on the first donation
deduction. The amount deducted will be reflected in your bank statement.
Monthly Donation:
A deduction will be made from the card on the 5th of each month.
Yearly Donation:
A deduction will only be made from the card on the 5th of the month upon receiving the donation
application. Subsequently, the yearly donation will be on the month based on the first donation

CHEQUES: To be made out to “Dyslexia Association of Singapore” or “DAS“. Kindly include your full
name and NRIC/FIN at the back of the cheque to facilitate a tax exemption.
PAYNOW: Scan and Pay the QR CODE, select the UEN No.: 202114767K. Under UEN/Bill Reference
number please enter “DONATION <space> NRIC/FIN/UEN” and complete this form.

Yes, you can write to us at email: [email protected] but you will need to give us at least 30 days before the next deduction date. You should also inform your bank to stop GIRO payment if applicable.
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
1 Jurong West Central 2, #05-01 Jurong Point
Singapore 648886
Attention: Fundraising Department

Donate to Educate

Donations received will go to help students from low-income families.

There are 4 ways you can DONATE!

  2. DeeDa
  3. GIRO (including Credit Cards)
  5. Online Payment Donation

Donors can make payments by PAYNOW to the DYSLEXIA ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE.

Please scan the QR Code on the left with your e-banking mobile app or enter DAS UEN NO.:  202114767K

  1. Launch your mobile banking application
  2. Click on “Scan & Pay” and scan the above QR Code  OR  Click on “PAYNOW” and select UEN No.: and key in 202114767K
  3. Key in your Donation Amount
  4. Under UEN/Bill Reference number please enter  “DONATION <space> NRIC/FIN/UEN”  **
  5. Please confirm the donation amount and details under the UEN/Bill Reference No.
  6. Transfer NOW!  Donation is transferred – Thank you for your generosity!

Click here for a step by step guide to donating by PAYNOW.

**  All donors are required to provide their Singapore Tax Reference Number (eg NRIC/FIN/UEN where applicable to enjoy a tax deduction. All Eligible donations enjoy and 250% tax deduction. The donation will automatically be included in the donor’s IRAS tax assessment and a receipt will be issued upon request. If you would like one, please email us at [email protected]

Donations are welcomed by CREDIT CARD / GIRO – please download the FORM here

Cheque donations may be made out to “Dyslexia Association of Singapore” or “DAS”.

Kindly include your full name and NRIC/FIN to facilitate a tax exemption.

Step 2 (Not applicable for giving.sg online donation): Please mail all original donation / GIRO forms, duly signed, to:

Dyslexia Association of Singapore
1 Jurong West Central 2
#05-01 Jurong Point
Singapore 648886

Please indicate “Attention: Ms Surjati Soekraman” on the forms.

For any enquiries, please contact Surjati at [email protected] or 6594 0310.

Watch our latest DONATE TO EDUCATE Video, featuring Mdm Bibi and Bilal.

Donate To educate


10% of Singaporeans will have dyslexia. Of that, 4% or one child in every classroom, will have dyslexia severe enough that if they do not receive specialist support, they will fail in our education system. And falling behind their peers may mean they never catch up and reach their full potential. You are unable to determine if a child has dyslexia just by looking at them. Children with dyslexia might start out fine in school but gradually, schoolwork can become a struggle for them.

Many children may not know why they have learning problems, they may be labelled as lazy, stupid or not working hard enough. They may not get the specialist support they need, especially children from low-income families who don’t have the financial means to find help for their children. We know that if left unsupported, children with dyslexia may develop low self-esteem, behavioural problems, delinquency and withdrawal from friends and teachers.

Many people with dyslexia have overcome their learning difference to excel and succeed. Dyslexia may cause many difficulties but it doesn’t prevent anyone from achieving their most significant goals, and we know that successful dyslexics, like the late founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew, achieve through a lot of hard work, dedication and resilience. The key is not to be discouraged by all the struggles and failures but to work on their strengths and to pursue them to the fullest. Early identification and early intervention will also ensure success in education leading to successful careers.


Andrew* has dyslexia and ADHD. In 2014, he was assessed by a DAS Specialist Psychologist and was recommended for the DAS Main Literacy Programme. Andrew’s parents are not married and he is cared for by his Nanny. His parents are unable to support him financially and his Nanny has paid for his upkeep since he was 5 years old, even though she is not his legal guardian. Andrew’s father was incarcerated for a few years and has recently been released, although he is now working as a food stall helper he is still unable to support his son financially. Nanny continues to care for and support Andrew.

From 2015 to 2017, Andrew was also enrolled in the DAS Maths Programme to further support his preparation for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Andrew was awarded a 100% bursary for the Psycho-educational Assessment in 2014 and he receives a 100% bursary for the DAS Main Literacy Programme and continues to receive this bursary until today. He was also awarded a 100% bursary for the DAS Maths Programme from 2015 to 2017.

Andrew continues to struggle with his learning differences, however, he is making excellent progress with DAS in the Main Literacy programme. With the additional support provided by DAS, he was successful in passing his PSLE in 2017.

*Name has been anonymised

2014 to 2017 BURSARY SUPPORT FOR ANDREW: $10,000



Donations received will go directly to the bursary fund for low-income families to access our services.
To gain access to our services the student requires an assessment and a diagnosis of a learning difference.
Our assessments cost from $800 to $2,800.



A wristful of good – buy SWATCH watches, help raise funds for dyslexia education and support the DAS Bursary Fund for beneficiaries from lower-income families.


Get your hands on a rare and unique piece of wristwear with this amazing collector’s selection of 40 SWATCH watches! These watches were selected from a donor’s personal collection and have never been worn. The batteries have been removed to preserve the condition of the watches. These timepieces are true collector’s items, with the donor personally selecting her favourite pieces to donate to support the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) Bursary Fund. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to own a piece of wristwear history while also supporting a great cause!

Swatches are part of a private collection donated to the Dyslexia Association of Singapore and through their sale will help to raise funds for the DAS Bursary Fund for beneficiaries from lower-income families.

The Swatch Watch list and their proposed values are here:  SWATCH WATCH COLLECTION

OR Click here for the SWATCH WATCH WEBSITE


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Valentines Day Series - 1998

Tote Board

Established in 1988, Tote Board is a grant-making organisation that channels surpluses from its members — Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club — and casino entry levies to give hope to and improve lives in the community. The Board makes charitable donations to projects that meet public, social, or health objectives, as well as initiatives that promote culture, art and sport in Singapore. Every project is evaluated based on its own merits, with the aim of ensuring that each generates positive outcomes for society. For more information, please visit www.toteboard.gov.sg.

The Tote Board have supported the opening of DAS Serangoon Learning Centre and several of our fundraising campaigns through the Enhanced Fund- Raising Programme.

Singapore Teochew Foundation

The Singapore Teochew Foundation (STF) Limited provides short term financial help for Singaporeans especially those in the Teochew Community who are facing difficult problems of financial hardship or people who are in need of special financial assistance. For more information, you can visit singaporeteochewfoundation.com.sg

Since 2019, the Foundation's generous contributions have significantly facilitated access to crucial DAS programs and services for our bursary recipients.

Ishk Tolaram Foundation

Ishk Tolaram Foundation develops and supports programs that provide access to quality education, healthcare and skills training to underserved individuals within our core geographies of Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore and Estonia. Our purpose as a philanthropic organisation is to enable individuals to improve their quality of life. For more information, visit www.ishktolaram.com.

Ishk Tolaram Foundation has been supporting the DAS Preschool Programme since 2019 by providing bursaries for our low-income children who require financial assistance.

Lim Hoon Foundation

Lim Hoon Foundation (“LHF”) is the private charitable trust of the JL Family Office. Its primary objective is to promote academic achievement for all students from kindergarten to university, especially those from low-income families. LHF’s ultimate objective is the advancement of education through a range of philanthropic activities. The Foundation strongly believes that everyone deserves a holistic education no matter their financial background. Equal opportunity and access to education are key tenets of our meritocratic system. It is LHF’s wish to open opportunities to disadvantaged students and help them become leaders of the next generation.

Since its inception, over 1,300 scholarships and bursaries have been given out to various beneficiaries. For more information, visit www.limhoonfoundation.com.

UOB Singapore

UOB is commited to their bank's purpose - Building the Future of ASEAN: For the people and businesses within, and connecting with, ASEAN.

Enriching lives and strengthening social bonds are fundamental elements of UOB's business philosophy. UOB is committed to supporting the social development of the communities in which they operate in through the core areas of Art, Children and Education. They believe these to be essential for the quality and progress of society.

Through the decades, UOB's efforts across the region have supported the young, especially the underpriveleged, as well as those with special needs and untapped talent.

For more information about UOB's relationship with DAS, click here.

World Vision Singapore

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organisation dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. Working in nearly 100 countries around the world, World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. For more information, you can visit: www.worldvision.org.sg.

World Vision is partnering with DAS to improve access to specialised learning needs support programmes for children in out-of-home care in Singapore.

Community Foundation of Singapore

Community Foundation of Singapore

As the nation’s oldest and leading community foundation, The Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) was established in 2008 to advance philanthropy.

Their belief in the power of collaboration has allowed them to partner with government ministries, agencies, corporations, and over 400 charities and non-profit organisations, disbursing grants that support programmes over a diverse range of causes. For more information, you can visit cf.org.sg.

The Community Foundation of Singapore provides financial assistance to DAS students from low-income families to access our psycho-educational assessments.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands' commitment to Singapore extends beyond supporting the country's economic and tourism goals. Through their community engagement programme, Sand Cares, the integrated resort uses unique property offerings, philanthropic funding, as well as active volunteerism to help meet the city state's social needs. For more information, you can visit marinabaysands.com/company-information/corporate-social-responsibility.html.

Marina Bay Sands supports DAS students from low-income families to access our Maths programme.

Hindu Endowment Board

The Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) is a statutory body set up under the Hindu Endowments Act in 1968. Its role, as set out in the Act, is to administer those endowments placed under its administration. For more information, you can visit heb.org.sg.

HEB supports the access to the necessary specialised educational programmes for our students who come from low-income families.

Micron Foundation

Micron Technology’s vision is to transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all. The Micron Foundation builds on this vision by providing equitable opportunities for underrepresented populations, enriching our communities and increasing access to STEM education to create lasting social impact. For more information, you can visit sg.micron.com/about/environmental-social-governance/micron-gives.

Micron Foundation, in collaboration with Micron’s CAPABLE Employee Resource Group, supports our iStudySmart programme to empower students to become confident and independent individuals for success in higher education and beyond.

Tan Chin Tuan Foundation

The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation (TCTF) was established on 10 April 1976 by the late banker and philanthropist Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan (1908 – 2005) to share with society the rewards of a highly illustrious career. He rendered assistance to the deserving and provided services that helped uplift the less fortunate. Today, the contributions of the foundation reflect the founder’s philosophy of how money should be channelled for social good. The foundation strives to support causes and projects that are viable, sustainable and well-managed with definable social outcomes. For more information, you can visit tanchintuan.com.

The Tan Chin Tuan Foundation supports DAS students from low-income families to access our Maths programme.

DONOR NEWSLETTERS - You cared, thank you!


Online Matching Campaign – April 2020

In 2020, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore’s (DAS) fundraising efforts were greatly affected by the pandemic and due to the safety measures imposed by the government, DAS could only rely on virtual fundraising platforms to reach the masses for donations and support.

It is heartening to see people coming together in these dark times to help those who are in need. DAS fundraising efforts were greatly affected by the pandemic and due to the safety measures imposed by the government, DAS could only rely on virtual fundraising platforms to reach the masses for donations and support.

From 14 Aug to 28 February, DAS ran an online campaign that had secured a Tote Board Matching Grant.

Every dollar raised will be matched by Tote Board, capped at $250,000.

DAS initially targeted to raise $50,000 but due to overwhelming support from our donors, we raised a total of $99,899 for low-income students with dyslexia. These funds will allow them to access DAS’ specialized intervention programmes that help them to unlock their full academic potential.

On behalf of these students, we thank all donors who supported our campaign.