Learning Differently


DAS is excited to announce that we have redefined “access” to all our programmes.
A diagnosis of a specific learning difference is no longer a prerequisite. We have now opened our doors to students who learn differently
 whether they have a formal diagnosis of a learning difference or not.  To access our programmes all students will undergo profiling tests, a simple step to ensure they are placed in a class that suits their learning needs best. We’re dedicated to providing tailored support to every child, empowering them to reach their full potential.



The Dyslexia Association of Singapore recognises that all students deserve access to quality education and support, regardless of the obstacles they face. By providing specialist services for students who find learning challenging DAS aims to level the playing field for these students and help them achieve their true potential.

Students who learn differently are eligible for DAS programmes, but without a formal diagnosis of a learning difference, they do not qualify for the MOE grant that is applicable to the Main Literacy Programme (MLP). However, while these learners may not be eligible for the MOE grant, DAS’ range of programmes and services, including MLP, can equally benefit students who learn differently to help them overcome their learning challenges. DAS programmes are designed to help students build their foundational literacy skills, improve their confidence, and develop a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their academic journey.

We encourage parents to contact DAS directly to learn more about the programmes and services that are available for students who learn differently, and to discuss the options that may be best suited to their child’s needs.