Science Explorers

Introduction to Science Explorers

Bursary is available for Short Term Programmes for both DAS and non-DAS students with a diagnosis of dyslexia.


The Science Explorers Short-Term Programmes (STP) are conducted in every school term this year with a focus on different Science themes in line with MOE syllabus.  

What are the challenges that students face when learning Science in their schools?

Our students with dyslexia face several key challenges when learning Science such as having a lack of prior knowledge on the Science topics, struggling to read and comprehend the Science expository text, unable to spell the specialised Science vocabulary correctly and having issues when sequencing Science processes in respective order. As a result, our students struggle to do well for their Science examination and this can affect their self-confidence as well. Thus, when our students enrol in our Science Explorers Short-Term Programmes, the effectiveness of the Inquiry-Based Learning approach in our Science lessons will pave the pathway for stimulating students’ thinking and engaging them with authentic Science investigations. Furthermore, it also helps to foster Science vocabulary knowledge and conceptual understanding. As such, our students will become their own builders of knowledge and skills that they need to function in today’s world.

Teaching Approach


These Science Programmes are designed to provide support for our primary school students with the Science Literacy, Understanding of the Science Processes, Specialized Science Vocabulary Knowledge and Application of the Conceptual Understanding and Skills to answer Science Exam Questions in a Fun and Interactive Environment.

What will students learn in the Science STP?

In line with MOE syllabus, Science themes such as Diversity, Interactions, Systems, Energy and Cycles are included in the respective Science STPs for each school-term. Through the Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) Approach, students will learn to Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate on Science concepts as an Experiential Learning in their Daily Lives, Society and the Environment.

Meet The Science Explorers Team

Lead Educational Therapist
RETA Fellow
Yishun and Woodlands
Learning Centre

Programme Manager

Kavitha Tiruchelvam is a Lead Educational Therapist and a Programme Manager for the Specialised Educational Services (SES) Science Programmes.  Kavitha joined the Dyslexia Association of Singapore in 2007 and has been teaching and working with students with Dyslexia and other co-morbidities such as Speech & Language Impairment and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  As Kavitha spearheads the Science Programmes at the DAS, she has conducted over 12 SES Science Explorers Workshops and 37 Science Explorers Short-Term Programmes for primary school students.  She is also a Triple Specialist who has taught the Prep2PSLE Programmes and the DAS Main Literacy Programme.  In addition, Kavitha continues to train and render support to her colleagues by sharing her wealth of experiences, especially when working with students who struggle with various specific learning difficulties.  Kavitha is a Fellow with the Register of Educational Therapists (Asia) and holds a Master’s in Inclusive & Special Education from Monash University, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with Double Majors in Mass Communication & Marketing and a Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers in Dyslexia Studies.

Nur Farahin

Bishan and Tampines
Learning Centre


My child has benefited from the Science Explorers programme as she can better understand the Science concepts and remember the tips that have been provided by her Science Educational Therapist, Ms.Farahin. We are very pleased with her constant good results.

I did not expect him to pass his PSLE Science as he was always failing his Science. I am very happy! Thank you Teacher Kavitha.

Dear Ms.Kavitha, I am so happy and proud of him that he scored AL1 for his Science! He did so well and exceeded my expectation. Especially his Science which is always between AL2 & AL4. Thank you very much for your teaching and guidance. Thank you for the support from DAS.

Thank you for the love, care and dedication that you have given him. I am beyond grateful for your guidance and support.

Thank you for motivating him for Science. He said the topics you taught came out in his PSLE