About Embrace Dyslexia

About Embrace Dyslexia

The EMBRACE DYSLEXIA campaign seeks to debunk common misconceptions about dyslexia, encourage dyslexic people to embrace their learning differences and to call organisations to take greater action in helping dyslexics by working with DAS. 

A new theory on dyslexia!  Dr Helen Taylor proposes that dyslexia helps us to evolve as a species, it is though our differently wired brain that we are able to explore opportunities for adapting as a species.


Presentation by Dr Helen Taylor l.ead.me/UNITE2022

Creator of ‘The Evolution of Complementary Cognition’ – a new scientific theory that explains how our species adapt and evolve.
Helen’s research explores individuals with dyslexia and their “differently wired brains” as an essential function in human adaption. Most research into dyslexia looks at the educational challenges and deficits. However, individuals with dyslexia are also proposed to have strengths, such as creativity, discovery, and invention. These strengths play an essential role in human evolution highlighting those individuals with dyslexia have a tendency towards strategies that specialise in exploration and innovation. Our evolutionary history is established because humans have adapted to change and that individual specialisations are necessary to make that change. Indeed, dyslexia is a necessary trait for human evolution. Individuals with dyslexia and their different way of thinking are essential to exploring the unknown, identifying where change needs to happen, and making world-changing possibilities a reality. This research emphasises the urgency of changing educational practices and nurturing the strengths of dyslexia, valuing their way of thinking, and moving towards a more sustainable society. The dyslexia brain is what humanity needs in the challenges it now faces.
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Do you embrace dyslexia?


Launch of Embrace Dyslexia - November 2014

The late Dr Jimmy Daruwalla, DAS President (1992 to 2016) shared his vision for Embrace Dyslexia, during his presentation speech at the Embrace Dyslexia Dinner held on 19 November 2014 at Hotel Jen, Singapore.

As we know, the only natural resource available to us in Singapore is human capital. We cannot afford to let even a single child fall by the wayside. This is not only because of an inability to read and write, but because dyslexia also has several positive aspects and we need to mine these qualities.

dr jimmy daruwalla

Late Dr Jimmy Daruwalla

DAS President, 1992 to 2016

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A New World Shaped by Dyslexics: Thomas G. West Presents at the Embrace Dyslexia Seminar (Singapore)

The late Dr Jimmy Daruwalla’s speech at Embrace Dyslexia Dinner Celebration November 2014.

Embrace Dyslexia:
Unlocking Potential
Famous People with Dyslexia

Special Guest - Thomas G. West

Our DAS Friend and Guest Speaker Thomas G. West, pictured here with Dr Jiajia (aka Chua Jin Sen) and his sister Chua Jin Zhu.

He has authored three books featured below:

Thinking like Einstein

In the Mind’s Eye

Seeing What Others Cannot See

Thomas has also written articles for our FACETS magazine, DAS Handbook and the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences.

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About the Author: Thomas G West:

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