“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” – Bobby Unser

Do you remember the change of moving from just 4 subjects in Primary school to 7 or more subjects in secondary school – was it a shock? Congratulations, you adjusted!

If you are in upper secondary and making a transition to tertiary institutions, tertiary-level education will also require you to make adjustments. There will be an increase in independent work, project work, more oral presentations, and even a very large campus. One of our students mentioned that she even got lost trying to find the right lecture theatre for her class in her first week at the polytechnic!

Many of our students shared that they had difficulties navigating these new experiences, but with the right preparation, tips and strategies, you will grow to find these new experiences to be very rewarding.

The iStudySmart Programme aims to empower individuals who learn differently to become confident and independent individuals through the acquisition of time management and prioritisation skills, planning and organisation skills, tertiary writing skills and presentation skills, critical in building a strong foundation for success in higher education and beyond.

The 4 Modules

    • Time Management and Prioritisation Skills
    • Planning and Organisation
    • Presentation skills
    • Tertiary Writing skills

There are two intakes:
Intake 1: January to June
Intake 2: July to December

*Limited slots are available, on first-come-first-served basis.
iStudySmart™ is NOT funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the MOE only supply a grant for the DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP).



Module 1: Time Management and PrioritisationModule 2: Planning and OrganisationModule 3: Tertiary Writing SkillsModule 4: Presentation Skills
  • Manage their schedule based on the level of importance and urgency
  • Differentiate and prioritise between long and short-term goals
  • Plan and organise ideas based on a chosen research topic
  • Create a timeline to complete a research project
  • Gather relevant information
  • Synthesise and organise information
  • Create informative and engaging presentation slides
  • Grow and become a better and more confident speaker


Prepare for the future

We believe that these skills are essential to prepare our students for the future and by providing this crucial foundation, we will make the transition to higher learning smother and easier for them.

Learn at your own pace

Lessons from the iStudySmart™ programme are delivered online through e-learning and scheduled online consultation sessions.

Build confidence & efficiency

iStudySmart™ provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice life skills that will matter very much in their future academic and professional careers.

For more information about iStudySmartTM, please call 6444 5700 (Mon to Fri, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm) or email [email protected]

Who is it for?

The iStudySmart™ programme, delivered by trained Educational Therapists, provides a comprehensive and quality curriculum in executive function and study skills that supports learners with or without a diagnosis studying in upper secondary or Institutes of Higher Learning.

The programme aims to help these learners to acquire skills and techniques in the areas of time management, planning and organisation, tertiary writing and presentation to empower learners to become more independent, confident and resilient individuals.

iStudySmart™ programme is open to the following students:

  • Upper Secondary Students (Sec 3/4/5) 
  • Tertiary Students*
    • DAS Alumni
    • Students from Institutes of Higher Learning (ITEs, Polytechnics, Junior Colleges, Universities)

*A screener will be administered to better understand the needs of the learner as well as the suitability of the programme.

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For more information about iStudySmart™, please call 6444 5700 (Mon to Fri, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm) or email [email protected]


There are two intakes:

Intake 1: January to June
Intake 2: July to December
We are currently accepting applications at least two months before the scheduled intake.

*Limited slots are available, on first-come-first-served basis.

iStudySmart™ is NOT funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the MOE only supply a grant for the DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP).


To register:

  • Current students: call or approach the learning centre’s student service associates (SSAs)
  • New students: call 6444 5700 (MonFri: 9:00am to 5:30pm)

Bursaries are available from the following organizations – Singapore Teochew Foundation and Lim Hoon Foundation


Some reflections from our students about iStudySmart™!

Testimonials from IHL Students and Parents

"The iStudySmart™ programme has taught me ways to manage my time like using an app called Trello to manage things from school to personal works. Additionally, it gave me insight as to how I should set my goals which has enabled me to navigate better through my studies. Besides that the iStudySmart™ programme has taught me what is important/required in a speech and how to structure it well alongside with the use of slides. Thus, these are the valuable takeaways I have gained [by] attending this programme."

IHL Student

"The iStudySmart™ journey has been beneficial to me in executing each task and further improvement of my reports. Most importantly, in order to ace the presentation, I learned a new technique to do research and hence gathered all the necessarily information via on Trello site. With this, the iStudySmart™ program[me]is worth exploring for students to be better in their study."

IHL Student

"In iStudySmart™, I learnt many things that were helpful in poly[technic] from presentation skills to time management. It's a great place for students graduating from secondary school. Time management modules have been very eye opening and helped me handle my heavy school workload now."

IHL Student

“Thank you so much for the great news & for journeying with our son during the years that he was with das as well ! We’re glad that he has completed the course. We are also grateful for your patience & constant encouragement to our son to do his best. The knowledge & skills that he has learnt from the iStudySmart™ programme will certainly give him a heads -up for his continuation of his studies into tertiary education.“

Parent of IHL Student

“I wish we had known about this programme much earlier. The title of the programme speaks for itself. iStudySmart™ has equipped my daughter with the skills and tools to manage her time better, prioritise and break down tasks into manageable ones as well as tools to plan and organise. This has helped with reducing and coping with stress. At the end of the course, the students were guided to apply their research, writing and presentation skills taught on the programme. The programme has not only equipped my daughter with the skills but also built her confidence through the patience, understanding and encouragement received from her facilitator.“

Parent of IHL Student

Testimonials from IHL Students and Parents

“It developed my public speaking skills!“

Sec Sch Student

“I get to hone my presenting skills, I learn[t] to v[e]rify sources, I learn[t] how to engage with my audience.“

Sec Sch Student

“It g[a]ve me confiden[ce] even thought I am not that kind of person that have confidence [to finish] a project.“

Sec Sch Student

“Thank you for your wonderful guidance given to my son. We were proud of his achievements. We were able to see great improvements in him in terms of confidence and dedication in his work. We would like to thank you for your dedication and unwavering efforts to make all these possible.”

Parent of Sec Sch Student

“Thank you very much for your guidance and efforts which has given my daughter the confidence for her presentation today and most importantly the knowledge and skills that will help her in her studies.“

Parent of Sec Sch Student

Watch the latest iStudySmart™ final presentations by our students below!

iStudySmart™ Final Presentations – 25 November 2023 


iStudySmart™ Final Presentations – 3 June 2023 


iStudySmart™ Final Presentations – 26 November 2022 


iStudySmart™ Final Presentations – 4 June 2022 


iStudySmart™ Final Presentations – 27 November 2021 


iStudySmart™ is made up of elearning and online consultations. During elearning weeks, students are to access the elearning materials online and submit their assignments to their assigned EdT. For the scheduled online consultation weeks, classes will be conducted via Google Meet or Zoom, an online meeting platform. 

Your child should preferably have a laptop or desktop computer to access the elearning materials. iPads or Android tablets are also recommended. During elearning weeks, while students can access their elearning materials using smart phones, doing their assignments on a laptop or desktop computer is highly recommended. If it is an online consultation session, students are required to log into Google Meet or Zoom five minutes before hand, and ensure that their web cameras and microphones are in working order so that they can participate actively.

Yes, bursaries are available based on eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. If you would like to find out more and/or apply for a bursary for your child, please contact our customer service hotline at 6444 5700.

You can inform your child’s iStudySmart™ EdT before the start of the term so that arrangements can be made to see if your child can be provided with a device. (Please note that terms and conditions apply for eligibility & based on stock availability).

Please feel free to contact us either by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling our hotline at 6444 5700 (during office hours).