International Partners


The Dyslexia Association of Singapore, together with the Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching (CCET) of Kuwait, are the first two organisations to achieve the International Dyslexia Association’s Institutional Accreditation. 

IDA Institutional Accreditation is a formal recognition that the institution meets professional standards of operational integrity and quality related to services reasonable within local cultural contexts and consistent with IDA’s values and definition of dyslexia. 

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First picture: Geetha Shantha Ram (Director, Main Literacy Programme and Staff Professional Development, DAS) receiving the IDA Global Partners Institutional Accreditation Certificate from Dr Elaine Cheeseman. Being one of just two GPs who have been accredited, the other being CCET, Kuwait, it reflects the strong institutional foundations of DAS.

Second picture: DAS Specialised Educational Services Chinese Programme Manager Kong Yun Rui who was presenting a poster at the IDA Conference with Dr Gad Elbehari and Dr Mowafak Al-Manabri who were representing CCET, Kuwait.

Group picture: From left to right: Mr Sam Lardner (Project Difference, Barcelona), Dr Mowafak Al-Manabri, Dr Gad Elbehari (CCET, Kuwait), Dr Elaine Cheeseman, Dr Eric Tridas (IDA, US), Dr Maya Kobayashi (EDGE, Japan), Mr Joaquin Serra (Projet DIfference, Barcelona), Ms Mandy Nayton (AUSPELD, Australia), Dr Elsa Hagan (IDA, US), Mr Steve O’Brien (Dyslexia Foundation, UK), Ms Geetha Shantha Ram, Dr Charley Haynes (IDA, US), Ms Kong Yun Rui, Mr Nor Ashraf Samsuddin (DAS, Singapore), Dr Omar Al-Sayed (CCET Kuwait), Dr Sushama Nagarkar (Morris Foundation, India), Mr Lee Siang (DAS, Singapore)


DAS collaborates with other dyslexia and SpLD organisations in the region to advance research and other activities.

Regional Friends of DAS

Dr. Anjali Morris Education and Health FoundationCentre for Child Evaluation & Teaching (CCET)
Indonesia Dyslexia AssociationInstitute of Behavioral Psychology
Maharashtra Dyslexia AssociationPhilippine Dyslexia Foundation
Madras Dyslexia AssociationDyslexia Association of Sarawak
Japan Dyslexia Research AssociationYemen Dyslexia Association

International Partners

British Dyslexia AssociationDyslexia Association of Ireland
International Dyslexia AssociationThe Organization for Unlocking the Potential of Dyslexic Learners
Australian Dyslexia AssociationJordanian Dyslexia Association
AUSPELD (Australian Federation of SPELD Associations)Dyslexia Organization, Kenya
Berufsverband Akademischer Legasthenie-Dyskalkulie-Therapeutinnen (BALDT)Pro Futuro
Brazillian Dyslexia AssociationInstitute of Behavioral Psychology
Centro de Dislexia de Costa RicaMadrid Dyslexia Association
Czech Dyslexia AssociationProject Difference
Campaign for Learning DisabilitiesUniversity of La Laguna
Fana Association for Individuals with Learning Difficulties (FAILCD)Turkey Dyslexia Foundation
Bundesverband Legasthenie und DyskalkulieDyslexia Foundation