Specific Learning Differences (SpLD)


It takes courageous teachers to support students with learning differences in class.  However, when you do, you make a significant difference in the lives of these children.  Usually it is that one teacher that inspires them to continue to work hard knowing that they have the support of a teacher that believes in them.

DAS recognises that supporting students with learning differences can be a challenging endeavour.  Kenneth Poon from the National Institute of Education, Singapore, Office of Education Research reflected, “We know from international research that the more positive experiences the teachers have in supporting students with special needs, the more positive they feel and the more inclusive they become.”

DAS hopes that our outreach activities will support your efforts in creating an inclusive classroom and provide you with the information necessary to support students with learning differences.

Very rarely will an individual be affected by only one specific learning difference. Research shows that individuals can have more than one of these differences and as a result, no two individuals are the same.

Specific learning differences typically affect the student’s ability to learn and can also impact on:


As a result, having a specific learning difference can have a significant impact on stress, anxiety and self-esteem of the student. Only those who have experienced the challenges of having a specific learning difference can truly understand the complications and difficulties that arise in a learning situation.  Specialist teaching and identifying strategies to help students with learning differences succeed are challenges of all educators.