iReaCH™ Programme

Learn how to tackle reading comprehension and writing through vocabulary with our online lessons.

The primary aim of iReaCH™ is to support learners in Reading Comprehension and Writing through the deliberate use of vocabulary instruction and educational technology, allowing them to better manage these higher order tasks expected of them in school. The teaching principles emphasised in the development and delivery of iReaCH™ adhere closely to the Orton-Gillingham (OG) principles to facilitate efficient and effective learning. iReaCH™ is developed to provide primary and secondary level students not only with the skills and content knowledge to cope with and excel in Reading Comprehension and Writing but also to increase their confidence and preparedness during examinations.

Aligned closely to the mainstream curriculum, our resources are developed in-house to cater specifically to the learning needs of our students. The employment of vocabulary instruction is integral in our online lessons, which purposefully taps on the use of educational technology to enrich the learning experience. iReaCH™ aims to encourage learners to become inquisitive knowledge seekers and develop their content knowledge and vocabulary necessary to enhance their confidence and competence in Reading Comprehension and Writing.

iReach is NOT funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE), only the DAS Main Literacy Programme (MLP) is eligible for an MOE grant. Please do contact your Learning Centres or our Customer Service at 6444 5700 (during office hours) should you have any queries.


  1. Learn with technology
    • Schools are increasingly using technology for evaluation and teaching. We understand the importance of this and thus use various educational apps to enhance the learning experience, facilitating collaborative and interactive learning.




  2. In-depth thematic vocabulary study
    • Learn beyond just the definition of words!  Study them in context, and see how they can be applied to reading comprehension and writing through our thematic approach!




  3. Targeted and Structured instruction for Reading Comprehension and Writing
    • Focus on specific comprehension skills, such as making inferences, interpreting figurative language, and more!
    • Hone your writing by learning new skills and building on existing ones through exploring various topics






By Melcher Tan, Senior Educational Therapist

Writing is a complex task. It involves skills such as planning, organising, using general knowledge and appropriate vocabulary, and ensuring spelling and grammar usage are accurate. In this article, we will look at one of the ways we can help them write better.

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portrait girl studying online home

By Zaidah M J, Senior Educational Therapist

As an educator, Zaidah has always found teaching to be a rewarding experience. Teaching a group of learners with learning difficulties has been particularly fulfilling. In this article, she shares her experience as a das Educational Therapist and more about the iReaCH programme!

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asian little girl doing homework wooden table select focus shallow depth field

By Juzailah Amin, Lead Educational Therapist

Discover how Generative AI sparks the imagination and fuels collaborative storytelling in English classes! Explore the world of collaborative storytelling through AI prompts and AI-generated illustrations that spark creativity and enhance learning. Join the journey where imagination meets smart tech in the classroom!

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Testimonials from iReach™ Students

"This programme has helped me to understand the PEEL writing structures.  My English has been improving.  I used to be weak in my writing and iReach has helped my ideas flow. The lessons were interactive as we have educational games like Blooklet.  Such activities help me to recall what I have learnt and I really enjoyed it."

Secondary School Student

"I am pleased with the das iReach Programme as it has helped me improve my English Language skills and increased my self confidence when speaking to others."

Secondary School Student

Testimonials from Parents

"All thanks to you and das for giving her help and confidence.  She scored A2 for her English."

Parent of Secondary School Student

"Deep appreciation from my hubby and myself.  I know that during this period you have taken much effort and hard work to work on my child's improvement.  Thank you for your time and patience."

Parent of Primary School Student


For Primary 1 to Primary 4 students, classes will be conducted face-to-face at a learning centre (subject to availability).

For Primary 5 to Secondary 5 students, classes can be conducted via Google Meet, an online meeting platform, or face-to-face at a learning centre (also subject to availability). A DAS email account will be created for your child should they be accessing online lessons.

Your child should preferably have a laptop or desktop computer to access the classes.  Use of smart phones to access the class is not recommended as the screen is too small and certain applications used in the lessons may not be fully compatible with smart phones.

Yes, bursaries are available based on eligibility criteria with terms and conditions apply. If you would like to find out more and/or apply for a bursary for your child, please contact our customer service hotline at 6444 5700.

You can inform your child’s iReaCH™ EdT or Learning Centre Administrators before the start of the term so that arrangements can be made to see if your child can be provided with a device. (Please note that terms and conditions apply for eligibility & based on stock availability).

You can reach out to your child’s iReaCH™ EdT, Learning Centre Manager or Assistant Director (Admin), English Language and Literacy Division Mr Bala. He can be reached at [email protected] or 6444 5700 (during office hours).