On-site Teaching

On-site Teaching

On-site Teaching Provides Specialist Intervention Service to Schools or Organisations at their locations. 

Some but not all children may have a diagnosis for specific learning differences. However, their symptoms and difficulties in learning are similar to a typical child with learning differences. Many children struggle to cope with academic requirements. With established strategies and experience, DAS Educational Therapists and Specialist Teachers can provide support for children who may be struggling. Onsite programmes in schools aim to uncover the true strengths of students with or without learning differences and empower them with the necessary skills and strategies to succeed. Over the past 4 years, the DAS has been actively providing schools with our Onsite Programmes. On-site Teaching is a specialist intervention service for MOE or International schools.

What We Offer

Our programmes are delivered by experienced DAS Educational Therapists.


All our on-site programmes come with the following inclusions as part of a standard package:

  • Pre and Post Tests
  • Teacher Feedback questionnaire
  • Summary report for the school


Lessons are structured and cumulative to align with the Orton-Gillingham Principles taught at the DAS, thereby giving time for students to internalise, understand, review and retain concepts, strategies and skills taught.

School-Based Teaching Approach

1. Structured and Cumulative Lessons

Lessons are structured and cumulative to align with the Orton- Gillingham Principles taught at the DAS, thereby giving time for students to internalise, understand, review and retain concepts, strategies and skills taught.

2. Evaluated Programmes

Our programmes are consistently evaluated to ensure that it caters to the needs of the students and the school curriculum.


Case Studies

Repeat Runs: Secondary 1 NT Maths
Second run after the successful remediation conducted in 2020 at a secondary school.

The Secondary 1NT (Sec 1NT) Short Term Programme is designed specifically for Secondary 1 students taking Normal Technical Maths, to support them in the transition to secondary school maths. The Sec 1NT remediation programme provides support to students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and /or other learning needs with relevant skill-sets that are essential for effective learning of numeracy.

The programme aims to help students to acquire mathematical concepts, vocabulary and skills covered in the Sec 1NT maths syllabus.

School Projects – Speech & Drama Workshops
Repeat Runs for 3 years (2017–2019)

Delivered by DAS Speech and Drama Teachers and Educational Therapists

Speech and Language Therapy is a skills-based intervention. Our speech and language therapists aim to build up the student’s fundamental speech and language skills to support his or her development and learning.

For a detailed report, please refer to Case Studies.

Our Team

Qualified and experienced with established strategies and experienced, DAS Educational Therapists and Speech & Language Therapists provide school-based remediation, enrichment programmes, and workshops for students.


  • With over 30 hours of practical weekly teaching at the DAS
  • Our Educational therapists are supported by our dedicated Educational advisors
Programmes Offered

Short Term 10-week Programmes

  • iStudySmart™: Empowering secondary & tertiary students in planning and organisation, presentation and writing skills
  • iReaCHTM:  Learn how to tackle reading comprehension and writing through vocabulary with our online lessons.
  • On-SET (On-site Structured English Topics)
  • Primary Maths
  • Secondary 1NT Maths
  • Speech & Drama (Primary and Secondary)

Programmes Available On-site Teaching

Programmes Offered

For more information, please contact:
Anaberta Oehlers-Jaen
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 66439654 / 66439600


Feedback on Speech & Drama Arts Workshops (School Projects)

“Students are actively engaged.”
“Students are able to follow and understand the instructions. Students can understand the Literature text.”
“The students were engaged and stepped out of their comfort zone.”
“Fun and enjoyable. Good head start for Literature next year.”

For Educational Therapist Muzdalifah Hamzah

“Instructors are friendly and approachable. Students responded well to Instructor Lifah.”
“Warm up activities to energize the students before the actual workshop. Awesome job, Teacher Lifah.’’

For Educational Therapist Mathew Wong

“Mr Matthew has been very patient with the pupils despite some of the pupils being a little disobedient at times, probably because they are now more familiar with the group and with Mr Matthew.”

For Speech and Language Therapist Shuet Lian

“Very thankful for her help with our students and always giving us a very detailed report so that we could follow up. Shuet Lian is also accomodating, knowing our students’ difficulties and could see improvement within a few sessions.”

For Speech and Language Therapist Ms Tammy Wong

“Tammy’s current students really enjoy the sessions and look forward to them. She also mentioned that she was surprised at the student attendance which was almost always attended.”

Has the remediation been beneficial to the selected students in Maths and Literacy?

“Yes, most boys felt more confident with basic in literacy such as sentence forming & grammar. Their confidence in maths has also risen.”

Did the students enjoy the programme?

“Yes, positive feedback has been received from the boys regarding their learning from DAS trainer. Most boys appreciate the positive classroom learning climate, the care shown by the trainer and the patience the train has given in guiding the boys.”