Support from UOB

UOB Business Banking Chinese New Year Dinner

In 2018, UOB Business Banking held their annual Chinese New Year Dinner, in which they donated $20,932 to DAS. Again in 2020, UOB Business Banking donated $44,640 to DAS from their Chinese New Year Dinner that year.

UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk

In 2018, DAS was honoured to be chosen as a beneficiary for the UOB Heartbeat Run/Walk, receiving a generous donation of $86,311 from UOB. Out of this sum, $76,206 was directed to the DAS Math Programme Bursary, while $10,105 was earmarked for the DAS ARTVenture programme.


This impactful contribution significantly enriched the educational journey of our students, specifically those who come from low-income families and struggle with Mathematics. The donation allowed these students to access the specialised intervention that they require. Additionally, the support extended to our ARTVenture Programme empowered students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to nurture their artistic talents and express themselves through diverse artistic forms


A total of 39 bursary students from the DAS Math programme and 26 bursary students from the ARTVenture programme directly benefited from this donation.


Fast forward to 2023, we are elated to be selected as the beneficiary for the UOB Global Heartbeat Run/Walk once again. UOB has pledged an awe-inspiring donation of $525,107, specifically allocated to our Speech and Language Therapy Programme and art initiatives. With unwavering positivity, we anticipate that this generous support will play a pivotal role in empowering our students, helping them unlock and fulfil their true potential.

UOB Volunteers

UOB volunteers at DAS Student Talent Showcase, Gift of Wonders, on 29 December 2023

UOB volunteers at DAS Move for Dyslexia launch at Gardens by the Bay on 30 September 2023

UOB volunteers assisting at our quarterly primary school screening events at various DAS learning centres.

UOB Events

UOB Global Heartbeat Run/Walk 2023

UOB Art Workshop and Christmas Celebration 2023

UOB NDP Art Painting with UOB Painter of the Year, David Chan

UOB-DAS Exhibition @ Raffles Place on 5 October 2018

UOB-DAS XMAS Celebration on 6 December 2018