Why is Research encouraged at the DAS?

by Manmeet Kaur, Staff Professional Development (SPD) Executive

DAS is an educational body that helps kids with dyslexia overcome their difficulties to do better in school. Almost 80% of the staff at the DAS encompasses of Educational Therapists. These Educational Therapists are involved in not only teaching the kids but also in developing the curriculum, programmes as well as improving the quality of how lessons are conducted.

We all are aware that education is an ongoing process and how to improve learning especially in classes where we have kids with specific learning differences is something we try to constantly improve so that the kids gain as much at the best.

For the constant improvement, the curriculum programmes and ways of improving the quality of lessons have to be reviewed and updated. For this to be successful, research has to be conducted. And while it is a tedious process, the results of the findings help our Educational Therapists understand better what should be done to enhance the curriculum, programme and quality of lessons.

Our Educational Therapists who have conducted research have made their appearances at conferences both local and overseas to share their findings. They have also contributed to journal articles. To date, the DAS has done about 50 research studies, presented at about 20 conferences worldwide and we have published 8 Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Difficulties (APJDD)– isn’t it impressive? Especially for a charity organisation in a little red dot!


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