Trixie Foo – From primary school to university

My ex student Trixie from Bedok Learning Centre DAS, is one such wonderful example of true grit, determination and perseverance, and one can overcome all obstacles and pursue her aspirations. The following is her story when she started her journey at DAS from primary school till secondary 4. Trixie is currently in her twenties and pursuing her undergraduate degree in Architectural studies at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Trixie, I just want to say how proud I am of how far you have come and may you continue to live out your dreams and gain many more wonderful experiences!

Here is Trixie’s story:

My experience with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) started when I was Primary four. I was told by my form-teacher that I had dyslexia and would be attending lessons at DAS. I remember very clearly on my first day when I visited the Bedok DAS learning centre at Feng Shan Primary School. I didn’t know what was in store for me and was very shy to speak up and make friends. Whether it is in primary or secondary school, I always had a hard time during lessons and getting my homework done while all of my classmates seemed to excel in their work. I felt that I was always left behind and could not catch up with my peers and teachers in class. I remember clearly how much I was struggling to do my work, causing me to stay up late at night just waiting for my mother to teach me and I would always fail my exams.

Throughout my lesson at DAS, my teachers taught me a material on how to overcome, take it slow, see it in a different way that I was comfortable with and always double check my work with the extra time given. With all of that, it changed my style of studying which brought me more confidence along the way. Looking back at the memory is what taught me that dyslexia isn’t a bad thing to voice out or to be ashamed about it. Thank you to the teachers like Teacher Karen and other teachers who have taught me.

Moving on, my success in ITE and NAFA was a struggle for me at the beginning of the school term trying to get my momentum and understanding what was going on during lecture and tutorial. Until I realised that it was time to let my lecturers know that I had dyslexia and hoping they will be very supportive, guide me through and always check on my progress from time to time. From then onwards, my studies and grades improved and I was able to expand my knowledge by joining a competition which came in top 5 and was chosen to build in real life, lastly experiencing working in an actual architecture firm.

I have just recently graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with a Diploma in Landscape and Architecture and am currently still pursuing architecture at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which I found interest in when I started in Institute of Technical Education (ITE). If wasn’t for all my teachers, i would not have be here trying to achieve to become an architect in the future so my advice for other students at DAS is to not give up, plan ahead (do what is important that will take you longer to get it done) and think of an alternative route which can always be used as a backup plan when you think that plan A doesn’t suit you.

Trixie Foo,
DAS Alumna

Karen Wong,
Senior Educational Therapist, RETA Fellow,
Main Literacy Programme, Bedok Learning Centre

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