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  • Senior Educational Therapist
  • RETA Fellow
  • Bedok Learning Centre

Karen joined the DAS in 2005. She holds a professional membership as Fellow of RETA Asia.

An experienced educator, Karen has taught both local and foreign students of primary and secondary levels. Karen has worked with students of different calibre, such as Dyslexia and other co-morbidities like SLI and ADHD. Karen has several years of management experience, one of which was in running the DAS centres. Her passion for teaching saw her contributing to curriculum development in the initial years as a curriculum team developer with both the Literacy and Math programmes, organizing holiday enrichment workshops for students and attending overseas conferences.

Karen believes dyslexia is not the end; it’s just a bend, as she continues to help her many students realize their potential and dream the impossible. She was also presented with the Star Service employee award in October 2014.



  • BA degree
  • Cambridge International Diploma for teachers and trainers
  • Diploma in Dyslexia studies (DAS)
  • Certificate of Educational Studies in Math (UK college of Teachers)


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