Journey to Success! – Yang Zhaoyi

Remember Yang Zhaoyi from ‘Student Successes’ who was featured in the September 2012 edition of FACETS? Yes, he has done us proud again!

Recently accepted into Singapore Polytechnic, he is currently pursuing a highly coveted course in Diploma in Aerospace Electronics.

Great news that made my day

Zhaoyi graduated from DAS in June 2011. I was elated when he contacted me recently to share the wonderful news of his ‘O’ level achievements and that he was embarking on a new chapter in his life – in Singapore Polytechnic to pursue a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics. He garnered an aggregate score of 13 points. Most of all, I was impressed by the gratitude he expressed to the DAS teachers for the guidance he received during his journey here and indeed for remembering us!

DAS Lessons
I taught Zhaoyi from Primary 5 and later during his crucial secondary years, Secondary 2 to Secondary 4. I recall Zhaoyi’s primary school days where he was always punctual and regular for DAS lessons. And along with his diligence, a warm smile beams his face, greeting teachers enthusiastically every time he sees them. Zhaoyi is armed with a positive mindset since he was very young and never failed to enliven my classroom with his laughter, smiles and playful antics with his classmates!

Perseverance, Positivity and Parental support
Zhaoyi never allowed his dyslexia to deter him and undeniably, he has shown us that it is no barrier to achieving success! During his lessons with me, Zhaoyi was meticulous in clarifying his doubts
about his work, particularly right down to the simplest spelling words and attempts to read texts and understand them well. Even when tackling more advanced texts, Zhaoyi never forgot to apply
his basics. Always attentive during lessons, he made the effort to take notes diligently to served as reminders to himself.

I was fortunate to work with Zhaoyi’s parents who were very supportive in his learning journey. Mrs Yang’s regular meet ups with me, particularly the Parent – Teacher Conferences helped paved the way for increased communication, understanding and enabled us to work towards supporting him better in the many stages of his learning journey.

Words of Encouragement
Zhaoyi, continue to believe in yourself and to pursue your aspirations. Learning is lifelong and twofold as it takes place with an open heart and mind. So continue learning without reservations and never be afraid of failure. For if you fail to try, you try to fail. We wish you the joy of success in all your future endeavours! All the very best!

The journey to success wasn’t always easy for Zhaoyi as he relates here how hard he worked to be where he is today

Ever since leaving DAS, I kept telling myself that my journey doesn’t end there, not when my parents had spent so much money sending me for lessons at DAS itself. In school, I used the same methods taught by DAS, breaking the words into syllables and pronouncing them part by part. I also did the same for my spelling which I had the most trouble with in secondary school. I usually need to take more time than others to complete a school assignment. However, I persisted on throughout with the methods learned at DAS especially during of my crucial ’O’ level year. I scored a C6 in English and A2 in both E-math and Combined Science of Physics and Chemistry. Falling behind that was my Additional Maths which I scored a B3.

I would like to thank all my teachers that have taught me throughout my journey in DAS. Especially a big Thank You to Teacher Karen from DAS Bedok who guided me in my last few years in DAS.

Currently I am embarking on my first year in Singapore Polytechnic pursuing a Diploma in Aerospace Electronics. It’s a dream course that I have always wanted to take up since I was young.

After completing my polytechnic studies, I would like to have a career in the Aerospace industry such as being a pilot. Taking baby steps is better than not having any steps at all.

I wish all students in DAS success in whatever you are aiming for!

To all students that are currently in DAS – I hope you will persevere on your life journey no matter how tough it may be! Lastly, to end off, a favourite Quote of mine to all students in DAS:

All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to believe in them!

About the Author:
Karen Wong
Lead Educational Therapist
Bedok Learning Centre
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This article was first published in FACETS