By Nithya V, Melcher Tan and Tuty Elfira

Nithya V. and Melcher Tan, Educational Therapists from the PREP 2 PSLE Programme, share their experience teaching our first batch of students on the newly launched pre-secondary bridging course in Term 4 2018.
Tuty Elfira is the Programme Manager for the PREP 2 PSLE Programme and a Lead Educational Therapist at Parkway Parade Learning Centre.


The start of Term 4 for my students was one met with stress, especially for those taking the national examinations. Initially, students who attend the Prep 2 PSLE Programme (formerly known as English Exam Skills Programme) at DAS would stop classes at the end of Term 3. The sudden end in support right before their examinations proved to be a cause for concern, not only for them but for their parents as well. It was with this in mind that the Pre-Secondary School bridging course was formed. The weeks leading up to PSLE were filled with revision on the three main components covered in the programme – Comprehension, Editing, Synthesis and Transformation. Students revised the skills and concepts taught to them over the years they were in the programme, and any gaps in their understanding were filled, as much as possible.


My students too revelled in the opportunity to have one last shot at revision just before their PSLE. It was just a few short weeks but it encompassed all the skills that they have learnt over the years into examination type questions. This was such a good way for them to be able to apply all that they have learnt across Editing, Comprehension and Synthesis and Transformation. I personally feel my students were able to get a lot out of this revision just before they sat for their PSLE. It was a circumstance that allowed them to hone their already mastered skills just in time. They were mostly focused and motivated driven by their hunger to do their best for their PSLE, albeit there were bound to be some moments of complaints and whines. We will always take that with a pinch of salt!


The Pre-secondary bridging programme started in 2018 with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to learn more about the English curriculum in secondary school, and also to equip them with skills to cope with the increased academic demands. The three main components taught are Active Listening and Note-taking, Visual Text, and Editing. More information on the PREP 2 PSLE Programme, go to

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