SDA Virtual Showcase 2021

On 28 December 2021, 36 of our Speech and Drama Arts (SDA) students adorned the screens for the Virtual DAS Showcase.  The SDA students from two DAS Learning Centres (Bedok and Bishan), aged between 6-15 years old presented various plays for their parents and for their teacher’s DAS.

Despite learning in a pandemic, our students strived on and they were eager to perform. Scripts were given out and roles were assigned. The only difference was their performance was to be recorded rather than performing live on stage. Nonetheless, this did not deter the students’ enthusiasm as they were determined to put up a good show.

Our SDA students needed one term to prepare for their recording, inclusive of memorising their lines and rehearsing.  During rehearsals, improvisations were strongly encouraged, as this meant that students were taking ownership of their own performance and learning to think “out of the box”.  Hence, they were often seen having lots of fun, while adding their own directions and humour to the play.  The students also enjoyed donning their costumes as they felt more enthusiastic and in character, once they had their costumes on.

Throughout the term, the SDA students persevered and have diligently put forward their best effort every weekend.  Their determination and dedication paid off, as the audience were truly impressed with their performance. During the performance, students were flooded with positive and encouraging comments on the zoom chat.  This further encouraged the students as they felt a sense of achievement and pride in their own work.

Well done, kids!

By Amrit Kaur Gill
Senior Educational Therapist / SDA Teacher

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The Speech & Drama Arts programme is offered in Bedok and Bishan Learning Centres.

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