Manga Drawing and Art & Craft

Manga Drawing

During the December school holidays in 2022, we conducted a 5-day workshop on manga drawing and craftwork for students interested in drawing manga. They explored the exciting world of Japanese manga and created manga characters. Drawing is fun; however, it can be frustrating if the result is not the same as the reference picture. This led to students responding, “I want to draw, but I think I have no talent.” However, putting talent aside, you can draw manga by learning and practising it. If you are willing to learn the techniques to draw, with guidance, you can do it! With my step-by-step guidance, each student created two popular manga characters: Naruto and Nezuko. Colouring is not mandatory as Japanese comic book drawings are just black and white. However, for this workshop, students coloured Naruto using coloured pencils. They learned to make Naruto darker in some parts and brighter in others to create highlights that make the drawing look real.

To inspire my students to improve, we watched the video below:

Wire Art

We twisted, braided, looped, and turned the coloured wire with our fingers to sculpt and create a form. Students created a frame with birds resting on branches with leaves. They were excited about working with wire because they could create unique artwork with their creativity. Pliers come in handy and were used to make a sharp bend or join two pieces of wire together and to cut the wire.

Clay Art

We played with air-dry clay. Students rolled it, moulded it, poked it, and shaped it. Squeezing the soft texture with their hands is a good stress reliever. One thing about clay is that it is adaptable; mistakes can be rectified, so students need not feel frustrated. They could dream up and create three-dimensional artworks. When the clay artworks were dry, students painted and varnished their clay artworks. They were proud of their creation, which gave them a sense of accomplishment.


Written by Ms Lee Shau Wah, DAS Senior Educational Therapist

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Elementary Mixed Media Art

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Essential Elements of Visual Arts

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Essential Elements of Visual Arts
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