Gifted with a ‘D’: DAS Alumni Students Share Their Learning Journey

Rini, Heng Hao and Xian Pin (L to R) at the Tampines Learning Centre official opening with Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As ex-students of DAS, we strongly feel the need to reach out to future generations of students with dyslexia and therefore are pleased to be the pioneers of the DAS Student Alumni. We are Teo Heng Hao, Cheah Xian Pin and Rini Tan aged 22, 21 and 19 respectively. Each of us has been successful in our studies after leaving DAS and we hope to share our experiences with students and parents of the DAS.

We would also like to empathise with the challenging circumstances in their learning by sharing with them how we coped and succeeded in school. We feel it is crucial for DAS students to receive all the encouragement they can receive throughout their learning journey and we hope to be able to provide them with that. We feel strongly that it is important for us not to lose touch with DAS and the experience and knowledge it provides.

The aim of the Student Alumni is to reach out to students at DAS on a personal level where we can share with them our journey through both successes and obstacles which have made us who we are today.

By establishing the DAS Student Alumni group, we aim to develop a platform to network and interact with other graduates from DAS. We also believe that by sharing genuine and sincere life stories this will truly inspire current DAS students and their families to continue to achieve.

One of our stories is from Xian Pin who joined DAS when he was in Primary 1. He was blessed with an observant Primary School teacher who knew about dyslexia and alerted his parents. Growing up with much support from both his parents, school and DAS, Xian Pin did well in his Secondary School and was accepted into the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma programme at ACS Independent.

“Even with all that I have achieved, I still face personal challenges like difficulties in spelling, poor sense of direction and taking a longer time to cope with school work,” Xian Pin shares.

Despite these challenges, he is currently pursuing Accountancy in NTU. The DAS Student Alumni forum allows us to share more of our achievements as well as challenges so that we can all learn from each other’s coping methods.

The DAS Student Alumni would like to extend an invitation to all past DAS students to join us as we will provide a platform for you to network and connect through the activities we will be organising.

For more information, email to [email protected].

By Rini Tan, Teo Heng Hao & Cheah Xian Pin