Young Achiever Award 2017 – Tan Wei Shan

I believe that everything happens for a reason, be it a bad or good experience, there is much to learn from it.


I felt lost and disappointed when I was diagnosed with dyslexia. In the past, dyslexia was not as well understood by others as now. I was misunderstood as being lazy and unmotivated. It took me a lot more effort to complete what others achieved easily. I would get mentally and physically drained at the end of each day in school.

I was later enrolled in DAS when I was in Primary 1 and attended lessons there till I was Primary 6. I was at DAS Queenstown Centre, where I attended lessons for 2 hours a week under the guidance of Ms Elizabeth Monteiro. After my time at DAS, I found it easier to read and most importantly, others were able to understand me better.
Throughout my journey, I am truly blessed to have supportive family members who embraced my negative points and picked me up when I was down. I am deeply blessed and thankful towards them, I would not be able to be where I am without all their love, support and encouragement.
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This article was published in FACETS Vol 4 2017