Igniting the Spark: Youth for Causes (YFC) 2023


The Youth For Causes (YFC) Award Ceremony, held last Friday, 17 November 2023, signified the conclusion of YFC Project 2023.

We’re elated to have had 4 teams opt for DAS as their Social Service Agency (SSA) for this project:

Project Guardian (Hwa Chong Institute)

 Team CreativiSm (Ngee Ann Secondary School)

Team Lauten (Temasek Junior College)

Team Sodalis (Nan Chiau High School)

The YFC project required these teams to integrate three core components: fundraising elements, direct service involving our students, and outreach/awareness about dyslexia and the DAS. Throughout their project journey, these 4 teams invested tremendous effort into raising dyslexia awareness. They not only educated peers, family, and friends but also reached out to a substantial audience, engaging approximately 5,650 individuals through school carnival booths, fundraising events, and social media initiatives.

The most memorable phase of the YFC journey was conducting direct services where the 4 teams organised various activities for our DAS students. Events included sports activities, workshops on crochet and scrapbooking, as well as sessions on making keychains, and bracelets, and even a Science Experiment Day. Each activity drew around 10 students, all eagerly anticipating the next engagement! Below are snapshots of these services:


After three months of dedicated advocacy, the 4 teams excelled despite juggling YFC responsibilities with their school commitments. They collectively raised an impressive total of $20,527, spearheaded by Project Guardian with a remarkable $10,485, followed by Team Sodalis at $4,560, Team Lauten at $2,849, and Team CreativiSm at $2,630. Additionally, three teams garnered well-deserved recognition for their efforts: Project Guardian earned the Distinction Award, while both Team Lauten and Team Sodalis were honoured with the Merit Award.


Guiding all 4 teams was no easy feat, especially considering 2 schools’ new involvement in the YFC initiative. Challenges emerged sporadically, yet every mistake became a learning opportunity, paving the way for enhanced guidance and success for future YFC teams. Key lessons highlighted the necessity for regular student reminders throughout the project, including proposal submissions, and emphasized the importance of frequent team updates to foster better collaborative synergy.

“Dyslexia is not a limitation but a unique perspective,” as articulated by Team Lauten. Let’s embrace and support individuals with dyslexia, recognising their boundless creativity, resilience, and untapped potential. Prioritising early detection and tailored support in education, families, and communities will ensure every dyslexic individual flourishes. Let’s celebrate their strengths, champion their achievements, and build an inclusive world where dyslexia is acknowledged as a valuable diversity, not a hindrance. Together, we can unlock their full potential and enrich our global mosaic with diverse voices and talents.