DAY 53 – Text-to-Speech #CircuitBreaker #EmbraceDyslexia

Is your child daunted by the large chunks of text on websites? Learners with Dyslexia may avoid websites or online articles that require them to read in order to consume the content.

Text-to-speech tools allow learners to access this online content in an alternative way.

A voice reads the text aloud while your child listens and follows along. This allows your child to focus on comprehending the information and would be extremely helpful for those still learning to read. Learners who prefer listening to reading would also benefit. More confident readers may choose to use a text-to-speech tool when faced with an unfamiliar word, in order to learn its pronunciation.

There are several extensions available free-of-charge on the Chrome web store that converts text to speech. As these are Chrome extensions, they can only be used on the Google Chrome web browser.

1. Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Reads all the text on a web page
Allows the user to highlight specific text to be read
Choose from a variety of voices
Adjust the voice pitch and reading speed according to your preference

2. Screenshot Reader

Draw a box around the text to be read
Detects and reads text embedded in images as well

With a text-to-speech tool in your child’s toolkit, they need not fear that online news article any longer!

By Harvin Kaur Dhillon
Educational Therapist and Edutech Representative
Rex House Learning Centre
DAS English Language & Literacy Division

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