Stikfas Art Workshop for Lower-Income Families

On 28 November 2020, we welcomed our DAS Alumni and Young Achiever Award Winner 2018, Emily Yap,  to DAS Woodlands to conduct an art workshop for DAS bursary students.  The workshop where students had an opportunity to create their own Stikfas figurine saw a total of 8 students in attendance (due to safe-distancing measures).  The atmosphere was filled with excitement as many children have not been out much as most parts of their holidays were spent at home.  With busy parents and pandemic restrictions, some even shared that this was the first day that they actually did something other than staying at home.  Many took this opportunity to socialise with their peers, many of whom they have not met before though they were from the same centre.

The workshop started off by introducing the various parts of the figurine before they carefully pieced each part together to form the character that they want.  During the workshop, the children get to interact with Emily and her brother who was also there to support his sister.  An opportunity like this is very meaningful as the children, all who have dyslexia, get to see first-hand how dyslexia is not the end of the world.  Seeing someone who has dyslexia overcome their difficulties and be someone important in the community encourages these children from lower-income family to push forward and shaped their own version of success.

ARTVenture hopes to be a platform for children in DAS to explore their talents, connect them to artistic opportunities and embrace dyslexia as a strength. We are constantly looking out for DAS alumni, corporate companies or individuals who interested to enable our children whom most have little resources or chances to develop their talents.

ARTVenture is an initiative started by the Dyslexia Association of Singapore to promote the talents of DAS students. We offer structured art programmes for primary school students at all levels. To find out more, please visit us at or email our ARTVenture & Workshops Programme Manager at [email protected]