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  • Lead Educational Therapist
  • Programme Manager
  • RETA Associate Fellow
  • Sengkang Learning Centre

Muzdalifah has been with the DAS since 2012. She provides intervention for learners with dyslexia and other specific learning differences in the Main Literacy and Speech & Drama Arts (SDA) programmes. Currently, she is the Programme Manager for the SDA programme. Apart from teaching literacy and drama classes, her responsibilities include overseeing and leading a team in developing curriculum and teaching resources, ensuring the quality of the programme and overseeing the aspects of SDA performances in DAS events or showcases. In addition, Muzdalifah also conducts drama workshops for students in MOE schools.

Muzdalifah has a strong interest in social-emotional development in children with learning difficulties. She had presented her work at conferences and hopes to inspire her students to believe in themselves as unique individuals who possess boundless capabilities.


  • Master of Arts in Special Educational Needs
  • WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
  • Diploma of Educational Studies – Speech & Drama
  • Bachelor of Science (Business with Psychology)



  • Arumugam, P & Hamzah, M. UNITE SpLD Conference 2016. PAPER PRESENTATION, Dyslexia and Drama in Education, Singapore.
  • Hamzah, M. UNITE SpLD Conference 2017. PAPER PRESENTATION, An evaluation of the effectiveness of using drama as a tool to build social‐emotional development of children with dyslexia in Singapore


Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best
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