Student Reflections

2017 - Graduating Student

das has helped me to overcome challenges and motivated me to do better. I have learnt skills to help me in reading and made improvements in English. I enjoy attending the weekly das lessons as I learn new concept(s) and able to use my creativity to express myself. I would like to express my thanks to Teacher Camillia, who has guided me throughout my 6 years in das. She has made my lessons enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you! Also to the centre for taking me in and lastly to my parents who has alwyas been supporting me.

2016 - Graduating Student

das is a wonderful experience I had went through. I had lots of fun in das. I also learn a lot of things. MY results have improved a lot. When I was in Primary 1, I used to get 20-30 for my English. That was when my mother brought me to das. Now at Primary 6, I score around 60-76 for my English. I am quite proud of myself. Thank you for teaching me!

2015 - Graduating Student

When I first entered das, I was so careless with my spelling. Now, I have learnt to write neater and be more careful with my spelling. My English marks have greatly improved and I am now a more confident person. das has also changed my life by helping me develop my love for reading.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was eight. Then, I was struggling with my English. When I first came to das, I did not know why I needed to learn the spelling and writing rules. But, later, I found out that they were actually quite helpful. The rules help to improve my sentence making skills.

At first, I did not want to go to das as I thought it will be boring, but my mother convinced me to go. I went to a computer class and was able to learn new things. After that, I went to another new class and made new friends. Coming to this place has let me learnt new things. If I did not, I would not be able to do better in English and would not have met other friends who have learnt with me throughout the time in das. 

Student reflections are taken from the annual das Student Graduation programme booklet.