Renelle Ong Graduates

Renelle Ong’s parents, Ronnie Ong and Karis Koh, share their experiences with their daughter, Renelle, in the article published in FACETS Vol 4. 2017

Renelle, the youngest daughter of three has dyslexia and recently graduated from DAS.  Her parents were very proud of her success and commented,

It has been ag good and useful journey at DAS.  Thoughtful ways of encouragement and style of teaching has benefited Renelle.  She was able to apply DAS teaching techniques in her learning journey in school.  Especially the ‘method’ to recognise words assisted her reading ability.  This was one of her main struggles and at the end of the day, what really matters to us is that Renelle imporved in her ability to read which helps to prepre her for the journey of life ahead.

Renelle’s Educational Therapist at DAS was Andy Wang.  Andy’s testimonial for Renelle at her graduation is below.

I have witnessed Renelle’s improvement over the years.  She has grown in maturity and resliience during her time at DAS.  I am sure Renelle will succeed as she puts her hear into achieving what she sets out to do.  Wishing you the very best, Renelle!


Andy Wang, Educational Therapist

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