Supporting All Learners at DAS

Insights into Remediation Strategies

By Sujatha Nair
Deputy Director, Staff Professional Development
English Language and Literacy Division
RETA Fellow

Since 1993, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) has been at the forefront of providing specialised support to students with dyslexia and other related conditions. Our team of Educational Therapists (EdTs) undergoes comprehensive training in literacy and behavioural support to provide all-inclusive intervention. This extensive training equips us to provide effective support not only to students with dyslexia but also to those who may face learning challenges without a formal diagnosis. As of 2023, we’ve expanded our services to include support for those students who learn differently.


Jayden* – A student who learns differently

Jayden, a Primary 5 student, commenced remediation with DAS in Term 4, 2023. At the time of writing, he had received approximately 6 hours of remediation sessions. Jayden presents with weaknesses in verbal and reading comprehension, despite having relatively proficient single-word reading skills. When reading passages, he tends to omit or substitute words, leading to difficulties in understanding the text and responding to questions. Additionally, Jayden struggles with written expression, exhibiting errors in grammar and sentence structure. Motivation also emerges as a notable concern, as he demonstrates limited engagement in the learning process.

* Note:   This blog is based on a real student, ‘Jayden’ is not his real name


Remediation Strategies for Jayden

To address Jayden’s challenges in reading comprehension, we employ a multi-faceted approach. Encouraging him to read passages aloud helps him engage with the material actively and identify mispronunciations. By highlighting misread words, Jayden gains visual feedback, aiding in error recognition and self-correction.

Furthermore, we prioritise fostering a positive learning mindset in him through brief mindfulness exercises conducted before each session. These 3 to 5 minute specially curated mindfulness exercises aim to cultivate attentiveness and motivation, laying a foundation for productive learning experiences.


Progress and Future Support

While challenges persist, we’ve observed promising progress in Jayden’s remediation journey. His increased awareness of reading errors and growing engagement during sessions are encouraging signs of improvement.

Moving forward, we remain committed to providing tailored support to address Jayden’s unique learning needs comprehensively. As EdTs, we strive to create inclusive learning environments where all students, regardless of their challenges, feel empowered to learn and succeed. Through personalised instruction, ongoing feedback, and encouragement, we aim to unlock the potential of every learner we serve.

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