Problem Sums for Upper Primary

In Singapore, maths problem sums make up more than 60% of a child’s school Maths Exam paper. Problem Sums can be challenging for dyslexic learners, especially when trying to decode and gain meaning from the language of Maths. If your child in Primary 5 or Primary 6 standard maths is struggling with maths problem sums then the DAS Problem Sums for Upper Primary curriculum can help them.

Our Maths curriculum helps students with the skills to solve word problems systematically and logically. The Maths curriculum is in line with the Ministry of Education Mathematics syllabus and is delivered as per the school textbooks.


We use manipulatives to enable students to visualise and understand the concept being taught. Using manipulatives helps students to be more confident in selecting and documenting the right methods to work out the problem sum to arrive at the right answer.


THINKING SKILLS The maths problem sums curriculum develops our students thinking skills to solve a variety of routine and non-routine problems in the Upper Primary school syllabus.
STRENGTHEN MATH SKILLS Provides our students with the skills to strengthen their Maths concepts they have learned.
CONFIDENCE Enable students to confidently work out Word Problems.


  • Small class size (not more than 5 per class).
  • Dyslexia-friendly teaching.
  • Evidence-based.
  • Bursary is available for eligible students.
  • Eligible P5 and P6 students who fit the entry criteria can enter into the curriculum at any stage.



The TRY—SHARE—LEARN—APPLY approach is unique to our programme and is used to help students walk through the process of problem solving in a collaborative and interactive way.

Our maths classes empower students with the confidence to work out maths concepts and strengthen their thinking and maths skills



Lesson Structure 2 lessons per concept
Execution Procedure
  • First lesson—Review relevant content skills on the concept.
  • Second lesson—Introduce routine and non-routine problem types
Home Practice One word problem as homework practice
Review Go through and check homework sum at next lesson
Mastery Test After homework checking and correction done, students do the mastery test on the concept


  • Term 1, 2017 for P6 Standard students
  • Term 3, 2017 for P5 Standard students


CAN YOU SOLVE THIS? Problem sums for Primary 5


A restaurant charges $75 per person for a banquet dinner. For every 4 people, the fifth person will dine for free. Mr & Mrs Lee celebrated their wedding anniversary with family and friends at the restaurant and paid a total of $600. What is the maximum number of people who could have been present at Mr and Mrs Lee’s wedding celebration party?


  • Current or ex-student of DAS
  • Need to be taking Stanard Mathematics in mainstream school
  • Possess strong computational skills
  • Pass in Paper 1 – 20 marks and above out of 40 marks AND obtain an overall score between 50% and 74% in the latest school exam paper.
  • Students who demonstrate a firm understanding of the basic maths concepts and are passing in Paper 1 can be recommended by their Maths Educational Therapists.

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Lead Educational Therapist
Bishan Learning Centre
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