Literacy Success at DAS

Geetha Shantha Ram, DAS Director of the English Language Literacy Programme, SpLD Assessments and Staff Professional Development, shares with us the ongoing success of the DAS Literacy Programmes and the efforts taken to ensure that these programmes offered by DAS are relevant and applicable to our students.

More than ever before, the education landscape in Singapore is changing and DAS constantly keeps up with these changes through enhancements to both the Main Literacy Programme curriculum and resources.

It is with much pride that I note that in the most recent education audit MOE reported that:

The services offered under the MOE-aided DAS Literacy Programme are appropriate, and remain highly relevant in providing additional literacy support for sudents with dyslexia.  –  MOE 2017

DAS is committed to providing the best for our students, and there are many ways we strive to do that.
Areas that we continue to enhance and develop are:

  • Integrated Curriculum
  • Educational Technology
  • Monitoring Learners Progress
  • Highly Trained Educators
  • Parent engagement

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This article was published in FACETS Vol 4 2017.