On-site Teaching

On-site Teaching Provides Specialist Intervention Service to Schools or Organisations at their locations.

Some but not all children may have a diagnosis for specific learning differences. However, their symptoms and difficulties in learning are similar to a typical child with learning differences. Many children struggle to cope with academic requirements. With established strategies and experience, DAS Educational Therapists and Specialist Teachers can provide support for children who may be struggling.

Onsite programmes in schools aim to uncover the true strengths of students with or without learning differences and empower them with the necessary skills and strategies to succeed.

Over the past 4 years the DAS has been actively providing schools with our Onsite Programmes. On-site Teaching is a specialist intervention service for MOE or International schools. 

Short Term 10-week Programmes

iStudySmart™: Empowering secondary & tertiary students in planning and organisation, presentation and writing skills

iReaCHTM: Learn how to tackle reading comprehension and writing through vocabulary with our online lessons.

On-SET (On-site Structured English Topics)

Primary Maths

Speech & Drama (Primary and Secondary)

Short Term 10-week Programmes