How Parents can ‘Invest’ in Themselves to Improve their Children’s Future

As parents, we all understand that kids have many unique learning needs. The influence of a family on their behaviour is so vital and considerable. Each dyslexic child has different needs and at most times, it is important that parents must go that extra mile to assist their kids where possible.

Recently, I had the priviledge of speaking with few parents who gladly shared some of their insights on how they managed to invest in themselves so as to equip themselves and keep updated on what was happening around them.

Here are some useful ways to invest…..

Keeping Abreast and Updated by attending Courses and Workshops

One of the most effective ways for parents to be updated of new learning and coping strategies is by attending Courses and Workshops. Besides getting free education, parents can master new ways of improving their children’s day to day challenges. Most of the courses demonstrate useful and innovative strategies and provide practical solutions.

At DAS, we have very comprehensive and relevant Courses and Workshops. Parents should make it point to keep abreast of the latest developments so as to better understand and assist their children. Many parents have definitely benefitted by attending these workshops and courses. Please see page 92 for all the latest DAS courses.

Usefulness of Networking and Support Groups

Having spoken to one of our parents, Mrs Angeline Alfred, whose child is currently attending DAS in Bishan, stressed that it is beneficial for parents to join parent support groups and school support networks where possible. By joining the DAS Parents Support Group, she has gained so much knowledge and useful tips which she felt she would not have gained by reading a book.

Besides sharing tips, the support group also stands as a platform for many parents to share their day to day challenges and how they cope with the situation. Not only are parents able to make new friends, they encourage each other to join many student activities, creating a long term bond. Thus we earnestly encourage parents to join our DAS Parents Support Group.

Celebrating Your Child in every way

Mrs Irene Ng has three children enrolled in DAS, Jurong Point. Besides being a dedicated parent, she also works as at fulltime florist. Despite her hectic schedule, Irene and her husband strongly believe in spending special quality time with each of their children. She tries to understand each child’s growing needs and the difficulties they face. Irene also emphasises on spending quality time with her husband and children together as a family. She admits it can be tough, but, it is all about discipline and quality time.

Like many parents, both Mrs Angeline Alfred and Mrs Irene Ng believe in celebrating their child’s effort no matter how small they are. Even when their kids have not measured up to mark, they make it a point to celebrate the effort put in rather than the outcome. In the end, isn’t that what truly matters and counts in the end!