Happy Feet Happy Mind


Why has walking become so tedious for many of us?  Walking can be the simplest and easiest way to get fit and while walking you can even practice meditation, (with your eyes open, that is!).

DAS recently organised a Happy Feet Challenge aimed at striking a healthy work-life balance for its staff.  In collaboration with Great Eastern, DAS staff used the Get Great App to keep track of their daily steps. Get Great is a health and wellness platform from Great Eastern that enables an individual to keep track of their daily steps even while working.

The Happy Feet Challenge has been a great way to make fitness fun and feasible for all ages and fitness levels. Being one of the top ten steppers at DAS has spurred me to share this wonderful experience of how this simple and less strenuous exercise, can promote a healthy body and mind. Walking is often overlooked as one of a great form of exercises which can assist in building healthy hearts, building stamina and fitness, burning calories as well as other positive health benefits.  In fact, most of our daily routine will include some walking and it is a habit we need to increase the more sedentary our lifestyles become!

To motivate me in clocking in more steps each day, I would listen to music while walking in the neighbourhood park or travelling to work. All I needed was a comfortable pair of walking shoes and a water bottle. Walking with friends also motivated everyone to walk further. The pandemic circuit breaker of COVID-19 did not deter me from walking. I continued to walk my neighbourhood path to clock in steps for my team. During this pandemic period, most people tend to feel down or stressed, however, this physical activity helped to uplift my mood, reduced stress and gave me a more positive outlook.

Our workdays are filled with hectic schedules and do not leave much room or time for exercise. Hence, I am grateful for this experience that DAS has provided for me. The DAS Happy Feet initiative taught me that walking should be perpetual and incorporated into our daily routine. With this, I would like to congratulate my Sporty Team 9 members for working together to win the top spot of the DAS Happy Feet Challenge with a total of 10,856,313 steps.

Stay Safe, Be Healthy and Keep Walking.

“A Walk in Nature Walks The Soul Back Home.” – Mary Davis

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By Zaidah Mohamed Jaffar
Educational Therapist
DAS Main Literacy Programme
Tampines Learning Centre