Gretal Passes her O Level English


I was only officially diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in Secondary 4. This means that I take a longer time to understand and learn a concept. Plus my carelessness and my complacency during my exams also lead to me not doing well in my studies and caused me to lose hope especially in my favourite subject, Science. However, when I was promoted to Secondary 4 I knew I had to do better so that I will have more paths to take for my tertiary education. With the help of my teachers and my DAS teacher, Teacher Bhavani. Teacher Bhavani taught me how to annotate the questions properly which although mainly used in English comprehension but I found it to be useful in all of my subjects. She also taught me to read the questions first then the passage so that I can look out for the answers while reading. This really helped to prevent carelessness errors. I am really thankful to her! Overall for me trying your best and consistently working both hard and smart, applying what you learnt for study skills helps. It is a long but rewarding journey with some failures along the way, but one should not give up!

Gretal Seet Jia Xuan


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This article was published in FACETS Vol 1 2018

By Bhavani Jeganathan

Senior Educational Therapist and Specialist Teacher,
DAS International Services –