Food Run – When Fitness Meets Nutrition

Like all machines which need to be fuelled, so does the body. It needs the right fuel in order to perform well. For that reason, proper nutrition can help enhance one’s athletic performance. Apart from eating well, adopting an exercise routine and an active lifestyle is a great way to remain healthy. We often separate the health benefits of nutrition and physical activity, but by integrating both, more benefits can be derived. Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet can help provide the energy a person needs to sustain any physical activity. A person will be more prone to feel lethargic and perform poorly if they do not receive sufficient calories, carbohydrates, protein, fluids, vitamins and other minerals. The amount of food an athlete needs will depend on the type of physical activity as well as the amount of training and time spent on the exercise. In order to perform better, one should avoid exercising on an empty stomach. It is also crucial to learn the right food amount you need before working out. Adopting proper nutrition will also aid in one’s muscle recovery. When we adopt healthy eating habits, they will eventually become our lifestyle. We will become healthier and happier.

The trend of focusing on healthy food intake has become my primary fitness goal. Hence, being aware of my nutritional diet has helped me perform better in all of the sports that I enjoy. Besides rope jumping and cycling as my form of cardio exercises, I have also been working out in the gym doing strength training and weight lifting. This passion has helped me become healthier thus increasing my productivity at work.

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) organises a yearly event called World Dyslexia Awareness Week (WDAW). During this week, employees as well as members of the public are able to raise funds for children with learning differences by participating in the Move for Dyslexia campaign. In this campaign, participants are able to walk, run and/or cycle.

I am thankful to have won the second prize in the Walk for Dyslexia held in 2020. This has motivated me to participate in the Move for Dyslexia 2021 and once again clinched second prize for both the Run and Cycle event categories. In addition, I also won the consolation prize for the Social Media contest. This proved to me that with proper nutrients and a fitness regime, I can build great stamina and mental strength to focus on the work that I do for my students and the organisation. I am glad that the DAS provides the opportunity for me to integrate my passion for fitness with my job as an educational therapist.

Nevertheless, I hope more people will become aware of how fitness and nutrition will assist them not only in their physical strength but also in their overall health and mental productivity. This year the DAS will again organise and launch the Move for Dyslexia during the WDAW. I strongly encourage all DAS employees and members of the public to participate in any of the event categories that you find suitable. By participating in this event, you will also be doing a good cause to raise funds for our students.

Written by

Zaidah Mohamed Jaffar
Senior Educational Therapist
DAS Tampines Learning Centre