Faiz Receives the Edusave Scholarship

Our heartiest congratulations to Mohammad Faiz Bin Mohammad Fauzi, our student from DAS Bedok Learning Centre. Faiz is currently in Secondary 2 and a student of Pingyi Secondary School. He received his Edusave scholarship award for 2018 as he achieved excellent academic performance and exemplified good conduct. Well done Faiz! Continue to do your best. We are indeed happy and proud of you.

I would also like to make a special mention to Mr and Mrs Fauzi for their unyielding support in Faiz’s learning journey and at the DAS, without which he would not have come this far. Congratulations!



We would like to thank you for helping Faiz all these years until he could achieve this far. Your hard work, patience and dedication to teaching him is greatly appreciated. We hope in the years to come, our collaboration between the school teachers, you and we will help him in the next phase of his education journey. Once again thank you for helping Faiz.

By Karen Wong, Senior Educational Therapist, Bedok Learning Centre