DAY 67 – DAS NEWS – Home-based Learning without Internet


Recently, DAS identified 151 DAS students needed laptops to learn online, and we set in motion a project to find devices for these students. With the help of Engineering Good, we were able to source those laptops swiftly and students were successfully learning online!

However, in the process we identified that a few of our students did not have access to the internet, so supplying them with a laptop was not going to help them to connect to online learning. On investigation, there were 10 students who did not have access to laptops or the internet.

Surjati Soekraman, Assistant Director of Fundraising, Alumni, Volunteer Management and Outreach had a problem on her hands, not only was she searching for laptops, but she also needed to find an internet solution for those students. Our big-hearted contacts at Engineering Good gave Surjati a lead, “Why not approach TPG Telecom? They may be able to help.”

So, Surjati gave them a call. TPG Telecom provides telecommunication services with its main activity being mobile and wireless telecommunications. After discussing the problem with the management at TPG, Surjati found a willing partner to help solve our student’s connectivity issues. TPG generously donated 10 dongles with 50GB Broadband access free till the end of the year.

TPG also revealed to Surjati that this was the first time that they had made a donation of this kind and that they were pleased that DAS was the first company they had created a ‘giving’ partnership with, especially doing good during the pandemic.

But the good news does not stop there. Not only are TPG donating these devices and connectivity, but they have also decided to do more for DAS! During the period of 12 June 2020 to 11 July 2020, any existing TPG customer who migrates from TPG’s service trial plan to the new 50GB SIM Only plan, or any new customer who signs up for TPG’s new 50GB SIM Only Plan, TPG will donate $1 to DAS.

Richard Tan, Acting CEO of TPG Singapore declared,

“TPG is incredibly fortunate and blessed that we have the opportunity to offer support and aid to dyslexic children during these uncertain times. What I have learnt personally is that we gain much by looking through the eyes of children and hence we will always do our best to give back and stand together in support of our community. We remain committed and will continue to raise, contribute, and collaborate with your mission and its objectives to the best of our capabilities.”


DAS is delighted to have TPG on board as a partner in supporting students with dyslexia achieve. We hope that you can support this fundraising campaign and if you are looking for a new service provider then we hope you will migrate to TPG!

Fundraising during the pandemic is incredibly challenging so we are grateful for companies who help to support our bursary fund. DAS needs to raise more than $1.5million each year to support our students. Consider donating now!

By Deborah Hewes
Assistant Director, Publicity and Publications 

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