DAY 63 – DAS NEWS – Safe Assessments Services at DAS

DAY 63 – DAS Assessment Services Resume #CircuitBreaker #EmbraceDyslexia


Resuming SpLD Assessments during Phase 1 of Post-Circuit Breaker

It is with great anticipation that the SpLD Assessment Services (SAS) of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore has resumed face-to-face services on 2 June, following the Circuit Breaker amid the COVID-19 crisis.

As we move towards a new normal, safe-distancing has become a mainstay in everyone’s lives. Likewise, for SAS, measures have been incorporated into our assessment procedures for the safety of our clients and staff.


Following confirmation of the appointment with our administrative personnel, SAS psychologists will arrange for a parent interview to be conducted online before the day of the assessment appointment. Contactless payment modes, such as online transactions are encouraged as well. Psychologists will gather relevant background information from parents, and address concerns that parents may have. Details of what to expect on the appointment day will also be explained.


To minimise the occurrence of crowds, appointment arrival times are staggered and only one parent is advised to accompany their child to the centre. Once at the centre, our friendly counter staff will advise visitors on the procedures for self-declarations (i.e. registration through SafeEntry, and the DAS self-declaration online form), and help with temperature taking. Floor markings have also been placed to ensure 1-metre safe-distance is maintained.

Prior to ushering students to the assessment rooms, psychologists would have disinfected assessment materials and contact surfaces in the rooms. Each room is equipped with face masks and face shields for both the students and the psychologists. Students are also encouraged to bring their personal face shields that they are comfortable with using. As additional protective measures, table-top acrylic shields and hand sanitisers have been included as well. Following the session, contact surfaces, test materials and rooms will undergo another round of disinfecting. 


The SAS psychologists will arrange for an online feedback session with the parents, typically a week after the child has been assessed. During the feedback session, the SAS psychologists will share with the parents about assessment results, the diagnosis (if any), as well as provide recommendations to better support the child’s learning. Parents can also take this opportunity to have their queries addressed by the SAS psychologists.

To prevent any delay in mail delivery, the SAS psychologists will first send out a password-protected soft copy of the child’s psychological report to the parents. This will be followed up with the mailing of the hard-copy of the child’s psychological report via registered mail in order to ensure the security of the report.

DAS is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, students and staff during this difficult time. With everyone’s cooperation, we will get through this!

By Fong Pei Yi
Registered Psychologist and Manager
SpLD Assessment Services

Adelaine Teo
Registered Psychologist
SpLD Assessment Services 

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Since the start of the COVID-19 situation, DAS has had to respond to delivering our remediation classes as well as all of our training online!  We decided to go ahead with our Preschool Seminar as an online webinar and since then in March we have become quite adept at doing things online.  So preparations have been going well for this next online experience and we look forward to having you as a participant at UNITE SPLD.

DAS has been overwhelmed with the support of our local and international colleagues and we appreciate their continued support of our SpLD community.

We look forward to delivering you a “different” conference this year, we will not let the virus stop us from learning!

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