DAY 62 – DAS NEWS – Join the Preschool Team

DAY 62 – Join the Preschool Team #CircuitBreaker #EmbraceDyslexia


The Preschool Early Literacy Programme began in 2006 for Kindergarten 1 and 2 preschoolers who showed dyslexic type tendencies, or developmental delay in early literacy skills. The aim of the programme is to help preschoolers develop skills and strategies to help them manage early literacy challenges, and equip them to better access the academic requirements in primary school. The DAS Preschool Educational Therapist plays a pivotal role in transforming the lives of children early. This is so that children can go to school with a smile more often than not. The programme incorporates the Orton Gillingham Approach, MOE’s NEL literacy curriculum and sound early childhood pedagogy. Preschool Educational Therapist evaluate and develop individualised intervention plan and approach to customise and specifically provide targetted learning support for each child’s learning. 

A child may have an individualised approach to help them achieve, but an effective individualised approach will only be as efficient as its creator! Do you have the patience, the resilience and the drive to go all out for those under your care? The children need you, as you are their beacon of hope, the light in the tunnel and are instrumental in being able to teach them the way they learn best. You are their glimmer of hope! 

Our DAS preschool educational therapists are real-life superheroes, and they all possess specialised powers.

What powers are we looking for?

  • Drive and commitment
  • Resilience to keep on trying
  • An open mind to acquire and apply new skills
  • Ability to successfully work with complex pupil profile
  • Responsible, reliable and takes ownership
  • Adaptable to change
  • A great team player
  • A problem solver

What are your superpowers? Write to us, you might just be the superhero our pupils need to meet!

Want to apply to be part of the preschool team?  Go to our CAREERS page

By Suthasha Kelly Bijay
Preschool Programme Manager

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Since the start of the COVID-19 situation, DAS has had to respond to delivering our remediation classes as well as all of our training online!  We decided to go ahead with our Preschool Seminar as an online webinar and since then in March we have become quite adept at doing things online.  So preparations have been going well for this next online experience and we look forward to having you as a participant at UNITE SPLD.

DAS has been overwhelmed with the support of our local and international colleagues and we appreciate their continued support of our SpLD community.

We look forward to delivering you a “different” conference this year, we will not let the virus stop us from learning!

Ticket sales will be available on 27 April 2020 @ $75 each.  DAS Parents get a discount – call our hotline:  6444 5700 (Office Hours)