DAS teaching through May

After careful consideration, including obtaining feedback from a sample of parents and consulting with the Ministry of Education, DAS decided to continue with the original MOE school term dates and teach through May. Besides concerns for a long unbroken stretch of 14-15 weeks of classes from June to early September which would have been very demanding for both students with dyslexia and their educational therapists, we believe most parents appreciate the importance of not interrupting DAS classes after 4 May. Since we started teaching online, DAS Educational therapists and students have become much more adept with online teaching and felt we needed to keep the momentum going. With the school holiday in May, students will also not be overwhelmed by having to attend both their school and DAS Home-Based Learning (HBL). And as parents will be at home in May, they will be better able to help their children with DAS HBL too. More students will also have devices because their parents are around. The family will be staying at home during the May school holidays and some educational engagement during this period via DAS HBL has been welcomed.

Reflections on Online Teaching

DAS educational therapists will continue to ensure that our students with dyslexia benefit to the best of our ability. As we complete our 7th week of HBL, I am delighted there has been some very heartening feedback from both parents and DAS educational therapists.

There is the story of a student who hated his own hands for not being able to write and on his first day of class, he screamed and cried then took a pencil to stab his hands. He is now one of our better students via online teaching. See ‘Online learning is working for preschool students’

Here is another wonderful story titled “Discovery: Underneath the Silence” about a student with Selective Mutism and how her educational therapist got to know her so much better through online teaching. See ‘Striving to meet challenges’

Do read the compiled feedback of eight parents. See ‘Online learning with Main Literacy Programme – Parents Reflections’   as well as the feedback of six other educational therapists. See ‘Online learning with Main Literacy Programme – Educators Reflections’

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