By Harsheeni Hanna Rajoo
Educational Advisor and Senior Educational Therapist

The journey is going to be different for all of us, but the direction, the same. FORWARD. So, take a minute to soften your gaze or close your eyes, breathe, and honour your great efforts and strength in this special moment you are granting yourself.

During this time of challenges, we may find ourselves reorganising, modifying, and going all out to get the job done. However, we must remember to bring concentrated awareness to the tasks we engage in. Awareness, focus & concentration helps us to be mindful. But what is vital here is learning to meet yourself where you are at. We need to understand when it is too much and when we are drowning and require a little boost.

It is absolutely alright to feel the way you are feeling right now. Anxious, relieved, excited, upset, or glad. We can feel all of it without having to feel bad about it. All of it counts in shaping us.

Here are some tips to relook & refresh our approach to managing our expectations through softening the edges a little this season.  I hope these tips help you take a fresher approach to any challenges that come your way.

Take the necessary measures to take care of yourself and the ones around you.

Wishing all of you a fruitful week ahead!

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Revisiting Strengths

List out values, strengths and challenges that make you who you are.  Once you know what these are you can start making changes where they are needed and be confident in the areas that are already amazingly you.  We have been through tough times before.  We can acknowledge and celebrate the traits that have helped us through tough times and can do so again.

One bite at a time

Our individual paths belong solely to us.  It is unfair to compare them to anyone else’s. Many of us have thought about lofty things we want to accomplish after the pandemic. It’s essential to entertain these aspirations in our mind. But we must also focus clearly on each step along the way. What we do at this moment determines the direction of our next step.

Do unto yourself, what you would do for others

If we are looking for a solid strategy for managing personal adversity more effectively, a great place to start is showing ourselves the same qualities we show others.  The world needs us all to be of our best during this time.  What can we do today, with the resources we have available to us? To get closer to this version of ourselves.

Own your story

What we allow into our minds affects how we see our situations, and ourselves, which directly impacts the overall story we create. Be mindful and selective about news media consumption. We can spend hours or days even weeks vividly imagining worst-case scenarios. We allow ourselves to get carried too far down the path of imagined narrative that we can lose our focus on the objective present.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

Adversity has always been part of our journey since the very beginning.  Some of the greatest moments of our journeys, our most significant lessons learned, our moments of growth and many of our successes have been the result of how we learned to manage adversity.

It is in our DNA, to survive, to learn from the tough times and become better versions of ourselves. We must remember that precious and vital truth, it will make it possible for us to keep moving forward together.

I hope these tips help you take a fresher approach to any challenges that come your way.