The award for Educational Therapist (EdT) of the Year is in tribute to the remarkable work, dedication and support provided by the EdTs to enable our learners to succeed in their literacy and is a symbol of DAS’ pride promoting teaching excellence. This year, The Main Literacy Programme Educational Therapist of the Year Award is presented to two Educational Therapists.  They have been selected to receive this prestigious award by their colleagues who have recognised their caring, enthusiastic and helpful nature.

The award is presented to Steven Sim and Harsheeni Hanna Rajoo. Pictured below with the Guest of Honour Mr Ng Chee Meng, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office.

 Steven Sim is an Educational Therapist and a member of the DAS Outreach team, which conducts Awareness Talks to parents, schools and organisations to increase Dyslexia awareness.

Steven joined the Dyslexia Association of Singapore in 2015 as a dual specialist in the English Exam Skills Programme to equip students with strategies to perform in national exams such as PSLE. Steven holds a Specialist Diploma and a Post Graduate Certificate in Special Education and is currently undertaking a Masters in Special Education Needs / Additional Learning Needs with the University of South Wales. Steven is a registered fellow of the Register of Educational Therapist Asia (RETA).

Harsheeni Hanna Rajoo is an Educational Therapist and a Math Dual Specialist with the Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

Since 2013, Harsheeni has been teaching students with dyslexia and other co-occurring conditions such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder and Speech and Language Impairment and works closely with students dealing with fundamental mathematical challenges and Dyscalculia. Harsheeni holds a Bachelor of Communications from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a Specialist Diploma in Specific Learning Differences (SpLD) from the DAS Academy and a Certificate of Mathematics Teaching from Marshall Cavendish Institute.

This article was published in FACETS Vol 3 2018