DAY 16 – What’s your mood like? #CircuitBreakerSG

Today is Earth Day’s 50th Birthday, and in the last 50 years of earth days, there is there has not been a day like it! A day where pollution levels are the lowest they have been all year! A day where we can see healing in the world!

I am sure the Earth is grateful today and if the earth shared an emoji today it would be a heart!

So today we ask you to share with us how you are feeling, whether it is a sad reaction to the current #CircuitBreakerSG news and that your local Bubble Tea vendor is closed or a happy reaction to all the wonderful things we have in our lives!

For me, my reaction is a heart! Today, I spent a lot of my time in online meetings, listening to how DAS will be moving forward in the next few years. We listened to the courageous plans and actions of those on the frontlines of Home-Based Learning as well as how we are going to raise the much-needed funds for our students who require fee relief for the educational services they need to be successful in learning.

And even though the road ahead is going to be tough, I have some amazingly talented and imaginative colleagues who go the extra mile to make sure that we provide the best service to our clients.

When I gather with my family, we like to do a round table question, “What are you grateful for?” and we all give thanks for something, big or small, but at the end, we all get an idea of how we are travelling in life and what we are grateful for.

So, What’s your mood like? Share with us how you are feeling by leaving a comment or just an emoji!

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EARTH DAY – 22-4-2020

Let us not forget EARTH DAY! What more can you do to protect the Earth?

  • Reduce, reuse, and recycle. – We all were asked to bring our own containers to collect our takeaway to reduce plastic waste, I hope you are still doing this.
  • Volunteer to do clean-ups of your community – get involved by just doing your best to keep your community clean, do not walk past rubbish do something about it!
  • Conserve Water and use less where possible – do not leave that tap running if you do not have too!
  • Use less Plastic! Do you have your own reusable shopping bags, do not go shopping without them!
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs and turn off the lights if you do not need them!
  • Plant a tree! Trees and plants clean the air, they provide food and oxygen. Develop your garden space wherever you are.
  • Buy Sustainable products, look for products that do not deplete food sources.
  • Drive less, bike more, walk more, use public transport!
  • Educate. Learn how you can help others understand the importance and value of our Earth and the natural resources it provides.

By Deborah Hewes
Assistant Director of Publicity and Publications