DAS Art Workshops: A Creative Journey for Students

It has always been part of the DAS’s vision to be more than just a remediation center for children with dyslexia. This June, with the support of UOB, we launched a series of art workshops benefiting over 60 students. Here are some highlights:

‘Beautifully Different’ Art Jamming (30 May 2024)
Students painted larger-than-life superheroes, aligning with our theme ‘Beautifully Different.’ We highlighted characters who, despite being different, became superheroes in their own right.

Artist Development Programme: ‘Beautifully Different’ Canvas Painting (3-5 June 2024)

Experienced artists learned to tell stories through their drawings, inspired by the theme ‘Beautifully Different.’ They studied famous artists and created their own masterpieces reflecting the beauty of being different.

Artist Development Programme: ‘Beautifully Different’ Canvas Painting (19-20 June 2024)

Students created art using dry clay in a variety of colors. They designed their own underwater worlds and unique characters. The workshop was split into two groups: preschoolers to primary three, and upper primary to secondary two. This activity encouraged students to create without fear, showcasing the timeless nature of art.

These workshops allowed students to express their creativity and embrace their unique differences.

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In the mean time, don’t forget to join our Beautifully Different Art Competition 2024! Click here to find out more.