Christel Chue, DAS Student Alumni

Eight years in DAS flew by in a jiff. Having been attending lessons from primary 1 to secondary 2, I was disappointed upon knowing my graduation back then. I enjoyed the lessons conducted at DAS as they were fun and interactive. Till now, the time spent at DAS remains one of the best parts of my life because of the many happy memories.

When I started in primary 1, my mom realised that I had problems in reading, spelling and even in writing my own name. She initially thought I was a late bloomer but tests indicated that I was dyslexic. My school results were less than mediocre but the teachers at DAS were very supportive and encouraging.

Graduating from DAS is one of the milestones in my life. Having attended lessons for 8 years, I believe that I’ve turned my weakness into strength and grown from it. It has been an amazing journey meeting new friends and getting to know the wonderful teachers that have been patient and supported me in so many different ways. I will always cherish and fondly remember the times spent at DAS.

They never once made me feel that being dyslexic was a disability but rather they helped me to understand and work on my strengths and weaknesses. I became articulate and outspoken and willing to take challenges along the way.

Having graduated from DAS, it is now independent learning so that I do not slip back into the dyslexia state. The fundamentals established through my DAS years has helped me to juggle my time with commitments in school and extra-curricular activities. I enjoy what I am doing because it is no longer studying to improve myself but learning to achieve and go beyond my own strengths and weaknesses.

I am thankful for the teachers that have guided and supported me along the way, namely Ms Geetha and Ms June. I have very fond memories of their classes and them personally. They were very patient in teaching and helping me understand concepts.

To all graduating students, great job in coming thus far. This is just the beginning of the start, and the journey ahead requires one to persevere but I know will be rewarding in retrospect when we achieve our goals. I would like to end off with a quote that I firmly believe and has motivated me at times when I felt like giving up.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”