CEO Thoughts: Stepping down as Chair of Global Partners Committee

How time flies and it has been three years since I assumed the Chair of IDA’s Global Partners Committee. I will be stepping down as Chair at the end of 2018 but will continue to serve as a member of the GP Committee. Dr Gad Elbehari has kindly agreed to return as Chair of the GP Committee. Gad will also be returning to the Board of the IDA.

I think we have made progress in the last three years as we work towards developing a community of support for children and people with dyslexia all over the world.  I hope the Global Partners video will be useful as GPs engage their governments and potential partners to demonstrate the global impact of dyslexia.  There is also a Global Partners Handbook showcasing the work of many GPs.  I hope GPs will continue to attend each other’s conferences and share their work and experiences just as we have initiated the International Journey sessions at the IDA Conferences.  I hope more GPs will participate in October’s World Dyslexia Awareness Week/Month and promote each other’s efforts.  GPs can now submit their outstanding young persons with dyslexia for the IDA’s Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit.  A GP Institutional Accreditation scheme to recognize GPs with an outstanding organisation is now in place for GPs to apply for and an Assessment Accreditation scheme is being formulated.

I thank my colleagues on the GP Committee for their incredible work and all GPs for their wonderful support.  I look forward to IDA’s Global Partners network going from strength to strength under the leadership of Dr Gad Elbehari.

5 November 2018