CEO Thoughts: Stability and Instability at DAS!


It is performance appraisal season at DAS and I have been talking to colleagues and getting their feedback. One of the more notable discussions I have is on both stability and instability at DAS!

There is stability at DAS because of our strategic direction has been consistent:

  • creating and delivering a comprehensive and holistic range of quality programmes and services which are evidence-based for children and people with dyslexia and associated SpLDs of different age groups and in turn, an emphasis on scope, expertise and reliability.
  • ensuring that dyslexic children from lower-income families have access to our programmes and services wherever possible

We have also been stable because there has been leadership continuity at the Board and Senior Management levels with an emphasis on grooming and developing the professional pathways of DAS staff and promoting from within where possible.

The instability comes from constant change within DAS, change that results from the pioneering and expanding scope of work at DAS, the improvements made to the curriculum, teaching resources, training pathways and the introduction of technology in assessment and classrooms as well as in administration. A circular effect to these improvements comes from regular programme evaluation. So, this instability has in fact resulted in a vibrant and responsive DAS.

Therefore, constant change invokes instability. And change is never easy for anyone. At DAS, it is no longer about change management but an organisational culture that embraces constant change. I am therefore regularly impressed by the commitment, fortitude, perseverance and courage of DAS staff. We have also provided significant mentoring, especially to newer staff. Colleagues frequently comment that they are most appreciative of the professional support provided to them. I have also been heartened that while there is regular feedback on the high demands of the DAS work environment, staff comradery, especially at the learning centre level, is very high.

I believe that DAS will continue to grow from strength to strength if we can balance this stability and instability well and continue to harness the commitment staff have for our cause.

Lee Siang is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. He regularly notes down his thoughts on the DAS Blog.

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