CEO Thoughts: Going Beyond What is Asked of You!

Be a DAS Initiator!

I have often been asked to comment on which colleagues impress me.  The article below reflects I hope,  the attitudes I have towards my own work and that of what I encourage all colleagues at DAS to work towards.  I joined DAS in 2001 to lead Corporate Services and I am pleased to say I helped to define the role that Corporate Services plays within DAS. With successors in the Director role such as Quek Hong Choon and currently Quek Gek San, they have continued to develop this service division at DAS.  I challenge all DAS colleagues to take the initiative to expand and further define their own roles at DAS.  I am delighted to say that DAS colleagues are overwhelmingly like the “younger son” than the “older son” that is described in the article below:

See:  “One behaviour separates the successful from the average”  by Benjamin P. Hardy @ Ladders

Lee Siang is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. He regularly notes down his thoughts on the DAS Blog.

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