DAS in celebrating World Dyslexia Awareness Week (WDAW) and I would like to share these two experiences which impacted me greatly this week.

Firstly, at our WDAW “Let’s Embrace Dyslexia” Exhibition at UOB Plaza on 1 October, we presented prizes to the winners of the DAS Art Competition organised by the DAS Specialised Educational Services (SES) Artventures Programme. Several of the winners were DAS students an two of them told us that they have never won a prize before. You could see the pride and joy on their faces as well as their parents! It reminded me why we were organising WDAW: To encourage those with Dyslexia to explore their areas of strength and go on to achieve excellence!
We are delighted that we have given these two students and many others the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and have success!

Secondly, we met with a 25-year-old lady who was diagnosed with Dyslexia only in her early 20s. She is tremendously eloquent and very intelligent but could not read the words “Main Application Form”. I could not help but feel that society has failed this young lady by not identifying her learning difference early and allowed her to struggle throughout her formative years. We are most heartened that she has found meaningful work and her very supportive family has encouraged her to seek specialist intervention for basic literacy and life skills. We hope DAS can help this young lady who is so obviously full of potential to achieve her dreams.

DAS must continue to reach out to the many more young, talented people who may not have achieved their true potential because their learning difference has not been identified.

I call upon everyone to support our World Dyslexia Awareness Week activities! Embrace Dyslexia everyone!

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