CEO Message: Condolences for Sumathi

The Dyslexia Association of Singapore is deeply saddened by the loss of one of our most beloved colleagues, Sumathi D/O Krishna Kumar.

Sumathi joined DAS in 2009. Besides teaching as an Educational Therapist, Sumathi was an Educational Advisor who played a tremendous role in guiding new Educational Therapists who join DAS. This is such an important role as through our Educational Therapists, Sumathi influences the learning of hundreds of children at any one time! It is not easy for someone to provide others with both support as well as quality assurance but Sumathi had approached this role with a wonderful balance and grace! She was a loved mentor and many educational therapists are grateful for her guidance.

Sumathi’s achievements went well beyond DAS classrooms. She has been actively involved in research and together with colleagues, conducted a comparative analysis of two mentoring approaches at DAS. She has made presentations at the BDA International Conference 2016, UNITE SpLD 2017 and the Asian Festival for Children in 2018. Her research has been published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences.

Her contributions to DAS have been most significant and must be acknowledged! But most importantly, her impact on our children with dyslexia who will become better people as they grow up is immeasurable!

A favourite quote of Sumathi’s was from Oprah Winfrey who said, “I think the whole world would be a better place if everyone loved each other a little more.”

Let’s remember Sumathi by loving each other a little more.

Lee Siang