Behind the Wheels

Have you noticed that Singaporeans have caught the cycling bug? Due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions, more people are interested to pick up cycling. You can see cyclists, young or old, almost everywhere. Singapore is a wonderful place to explore through cycling. Besides places to sightsee, cyclists can also pit stop for delicious food such as prata or simply enjoy the scenery. Tanah Merah Coast Road has been one of the most popular routes among cyclists. It is the only road you can find in Singapore that has a dedicated cycling lane. It caters for cyclists to ride on the road safely. There are also Park Connector Networks or otherwise famously known as PCNs for leisure cycling cyclists.

Cycling is one of my hobbies that helps me to de-stress from work. Exercising as a whole grants me with the adrenaline to sustain work life balance. I love to fly with my hybrid bicycle to sights like the Sembawang Beach as I enjoy admiring the open sea filled with feelings of tranquility. It is one of the best places to catch the sunrise and snap beautiful photos which look like realistic art pieces.

During the DAS school term break I will organise cycling events with my cycling buddies to explore places together. Depending on the pandemic restrictions, we will adhere to the safe management measures implemented by the Government and cycle in groups to places like Changi Village. Using google maps to navigate my way, I rode for a total of 65km from my house to Changi Village Hawker Centre for the gastronomic food.

Another route I enjoy is the Rowers Bay Park and Springleaf Nature Park. There, you get to see otters swimming in the reservoir and canals. Cycling to Coney Island was one of my other adventures with my cycling buddies. We braved through the rain and sun to get there. For cyclists who are more adventurous, they could clock in the distance with their Round the Island (RTI) route, a 150km route around Singapore. I hope to be able to cycle Round the Island one day too.|

Cycling is an excellent way to achieve a full body workout as it is a good form of cardiovascular exercise which is suitable for almost all fitness levels. It also connects people from all walks of life. Safety during cycling should be adhered to regardless of one’s proficiency level. Although it is not a regulation to wear helmets on PCN, it is always better to be protected in case of any unforeseen falls. Well-padded cycling tights would come in handy to prevent saddle sores especially when cycling a long distance route. 

This year in conjunction with World Dyslexia Awareness Month 2021, Dyslexia Association of Singapore is organising a charity event through cycling. Everyone is highly encouraged to participate in this fundraising event that takes place in October. We hope to bring cyclists together as a camaraderie to help dyslexic students achieve their full potentials.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy

Zaidah Mohamed Jaffar
Educational Therapist
DAS Main Literacy Programme & iReach Programme
Tampines Learning Centre